A brief discussion of website user stickiness

spoke today about the stickiness of websites. Many Internet practitioners have been plagued by the stickiness of their websites or online stores or the app of mobile terminals.

We do not always count on

, a new user to access, if a website or shop is always only new users to access, while the old user access once again do not come, but that this site has a problem. And affiliate marketing is a very good solution to the problem of user stickiness.


we are members of the marketing, we must proceed from the needs of members, we first need to know what our members need. What services can we provide for them,

?If we can’t find

membership demand day by email or SMS, to push the members are not interested in something, then I think this is counterproductive, it will let the members feel disgusted.

we have to understand why our members register on our website. What do they need and what information and information do they want most?. Or what items they most want to buy, and they may be interested in what items. If you can consider these factors from the user’s point of view, then your affiliate marketing is meaningful.

also mentioned earlier, Adsense member marketing, should be from the needs of members of departure. From the needs of members, but also in order to give users a better experience. So we do affiliate marketing, must take into account the user experience.


must not use a tough way to disturb members. For example, when we are doing email subscriptions and subscribing to members’ information, it is better not to publish them to members by default, so members should choose independently. And the members have the right to cancel the subscription information at any time, we can do some thinking in today’s mail we have a variety of advertising messages, when we face their spam we are very disgusted, sometimes we do in a web site registered account, but we do not need their message, and those sites are every day to send us a lot of mail, perhaps we will be on the site very much.

so we must give our members the right to choose. It’s also worth saying that even if our members are willing to subscribe to our content and are willing to subscribe to our email and be willing to read our information, we should also be careful not to disturb the members.

in pushing the information on the choice of time, we should all be good planning, choose the right time, consider the need to push the content. In member marketing, we must consider the feelings of users.


Adsense membership marketing, should be diversified to the direction of development. Not only by mail, but by SMS to lock customers. Especially >

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