finally got another 200 dollars a day to make a comeback

a few days ago, my garbage station died one after another. It hit me a lot. Temporary relief can not resolve the inner depression – who said: life is like shit, only oneself silently brave face. To comfort her in a day with only every night to the tea tea row stuffy, found himself a good mother died not vulgar, some stations, lost some sources of income, such as the big deal over again?.

had spent fruit but not all, flowers can become fruit.

do so abruptly before the starting point can not find. I suddenly remembered the square stool which my father had made by himself. It was a thick piece of wood. It opened four square holes at four angles, and then loaded four feet. It was too simple to be simple. But it has been used all the time. When used as a desk, sitting on the ground to write and paint; high school dad sitting, I gave him a sand scraping; University holiday home, see it is used to give dad sleep on the couch watching TV after work, when stepping pad; to graduate, it has been good, the family are not willing to discard it, I bought to cover the floor, also with dad. I called Dad and asked him if the square stool was still there. My father said he was still there. What happened? Dad thought I had an accident. He wanted to come and see me. Ha ha…… Take good care of our parents. They will always be our children, even if we can do it.

simple and practical, right, right, it is simple and practical – inspiration, like Tieguanyin fragrance, in front of more and more incense, more and more incense.

how easy is this simple method? – like a dragon like that? Ha ha…… Think he suddenly feel very funny, because the king boss rough stone yesterday read me a book on tea a few words: long, long scale insects. Can be quiet, bright, fine, giant, short and long. The vernal equinox and Autumnal Equinox Day, Qian yuan. The dragon, but the worm, is false and capricious. It’s not my nature, it’s absolutely abandoned.

This simple

refers to a real Web site, the audience has a real good website.

did his homework carefully and found the type of website that he wanted to do. He decided to specialize in GG. A friend in Zhao Qi’s help, GG account had, web application, space has a dozen websites in just a week, and he put the one million hands of the traffic injected some for my website. Baidu has not included traffic on superman. The site runs for second days, and the GG account has more than 200 hits that day. Finally, I came back with a simple and a lot of money……

this also tells us, when we can not find a way out, do it, the number of sites, traffic is also much more natural; more services to the audience, traffic naturally come up. I know, I quickly come back completely rely on the help of friends, so, at least, it tells us that you have to first person, you have difficulties, when getting into trouble, friends pull, push on the shore — young people don’t learn dragon, when in the water but God; "

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