Analysis of wooden spring journal twenty-sixth articles of dry role

what is dry cargo,


in the QQ class, YY, open class, or some industry vertical community, there are often successful people who share knowledge and pass on experience. In the Internet circle, we put these network promotion, network marketing articles and experience methods collectively referred to as dry goods.

, for example, I do SEO optimization and promotion experience and method of consolidation into the article, through some offline or online salon, YY, QQ group to share with you, if you think I share something valuable, you will say that I share the content of dry cargo.

why are these articles, experiences, and methods called dry goods?

because they are known as dry goods, these experience or skills are more practical, and do not boast any water, there is no false ingredients, so the industry called dry goods.

, for example, methods of wood spring before the teacher log mentioned in WeChat to attract fans accurate views, this article in the QQ space to reach more than 1300, if there is a real person in accordance with the method mentioned in this article, one by one to practice it, WeChat fans should be increased a lot. Of course, if you do not insist on the implementation, it is likely that these dry goods are useless to you.

what can dry cargo do,


first of all, to illustrate that, dry goods just others according to their own experience summed up a set of suitable for their own thinking method, not necessarily for all. So, the role of dry cargo on people are depending on the situation, it is not the dry cargo, can ask for the moon.

There are a lot of Mr. Ma Yun

sharing entrepreneurial experience, he said those words are dry cargo, but not everyone had Ma Yun’s experience, so the feasible scheme on others test out, for you, is not necessarily.

usually, we pursue dry goods, can be said to be a way of thinking, a set of methods. Maybe you’ll think these methods are simple, or you don’t see these simple tools, but how can you know that these methods don’t really help you if you don’t do it?

to a large extent, dry goods just play a guiding role in the way, tell you skills, methods, and ultimately we need to implement or ourselves.

so don’t take the dry goods too seriously, and don’t make the dry goods improper.

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