Do 4 years of experience and expenditure (with attention to purchasing space)

just wanted to figure out how much money to spend, who knows to write dizziness, write too much.

03 years after work began to contact with the network, ashamed to say, because I was a medical student, so just so hard, do not hear out of the window, so he didn’t have the network in university.

04 years accidentally started with FrontPage page, then the domain name space are very expensive, all for free space, free domain name, and now I really do not like, then there are some good webmaster forums, but are discussing if write code, unlike now, is to discuss how SEO, remember to the energy-saving Forum (early off) and "Learning Forum (fall like), the first site is doing a picture material website, is a dynamic picture very naive, a few days in a free space, so this site has lost. Second sites with the Tiger wing net free space, still, is a lot more advertising:, website is absolutely safe, because all static.

05 years in the "I want to settle down to buy a 100M ASP space and COM domain (one was not allowed to register a domain name with CN), spent about 200RMB, started in third sites, although the ASP space, but all of the pages are static, but vanity, when naming all.Asp, ha ha…… Nearly a thousand pages one by one to do it, really admire yourself, then do not use the computer, the computer department, are 15 inch ordinary display installed Windows 98 system, speed is also much slower than it is now, I remember the longest time, I locked myself in the office where, without food or drink for nearly 50 hours, until I find the girlfriend, the site is still in my hard drive. At that time, do station pure interest, not how to pay attention to traffic, and at that time 51LA statistics and Adsense statistics have not yet launched, I remember third sites with a Jiang personal version of the statistical process, about 200IP a day. Later, the space is not enough, and the space is limited flow, more than to increase the money, I do not know why, every month to pay a few dollars, do not use this space. Bought the ASP tutorial at the end of the year and started learning ASP.

06 years began to use the ASP site, because they collect a lot of material in these two pages, so I plan to do service station, the station material of this type is now the webmaster sky". During the accident behind, see every cabbage price space, then knew too little, he bought a few months, almost all died or motionless on the "Service Unavailable" for more than a year for the three space, is almost a waste of space, not named, spent about 320RMB three, buy a domain name, 120RMB.


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