How to correctly analyze and make good use of website logs

website is a network platform for enterprises to display images, and it is also an e-commerce platform for products and services marketing. The web site itself is an intelligent database that records the site’s operations and access records, which are kept in the web log.


we can through the website that the user log IP, access time, with what kind of operating system, display or browser, access to which page website, whether successful visit, the server is running normally and so on so as to provide relevant basis for enterprise decision making. We should pay attention to the following when analyzing website logs:

1, user’s IP address. We can judge the user’s geographical location according to the user’s IP address, thus calculating the geographical area of the visiting users. Especially after the enterprise has made the competition promotion, if develops the same IP many visits within one day, that may be the malicious click.

2, access date and time. According to the date and time, we can determine a good site in what time of the visit rate is relatively high, so as to analyze the reasons and advantages, and then take measures to focus on marketing by that time and so on.

3, number of visits and residence time. Through the analysis of user access and the residence time, we can determine the user’s purchase intention and strength of some aspects of the degree of attention, so as to help enterprises to strengthen customer relations and content optimization construction.

4, the amount and number of pages crawled. Analysis of web page through the web log is grabbing quantity and the number of the search engine spiders crawl depth and affinity, active efforts and so on, so as to make the website optimization more targeted, so that the search engine spider grab and included more web resources.

5, the return code of the access page. Whether search engine spiders or access users, according to the access page HTTP status code, we can trace and determine whether the web page is normal, in order to adjust the page in a timely manner, and so on.

6, visitor antecedents. It’s important to know what channels the user accesses through your site. In this way, enterprises can fully optimize the construction according to the relevant sources, thereby greatly increasing their own tourist advantages.

to sum up, the website log for enterprise website optimization and marketing has a great supporting role, in this not all words. I hope these will help everyone.

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