Open top secret QQ space to make Taobao off the project

wrote before the article:

1: this project has been working for me.

2: true and effective.

3: early tired.

send my income figure, that is PS can ignore

first, we look at this ", was released on the pig Witkey task,

this transformation is to spend money on advertising, we can see a little smarter. But such a situation can do more than spending income I do not know, but can cause the following ideas:

has a full QQ friends (500) – released Taobao guest articles in the QQ space (need more readable, easy to be reproduced in the new space) ——QQ friends see your post – purchase or reprint articles, see here, there may be people Tucao, said one can earn QQ so what? I can responsibly say, of course not. So I have more than and 300 full friends QQ number, friends active rate of around 2/5 (500 friends have 200 online).

talk about the operating process below

1: apply for QQ number.

Baidu search "depth of all QQ express applications V3.1.5, download a IP can apply for 5 QQ numbers, IP is limited on the exchange, not ADSL users can buy Taobao, early to prepare for the 200 number, are good for security.

two: improve QQ information, supporting facilities.

each QQ opened QQ space, QQ alumni, QQ people, upload photos, photos of their own resources to find, to the real point. (details: school class choice, their own thinking)

three: add friends.

Baidu search for "animal husbandry day QQ friends add bulk" (not soft, I did not address, the software to buy), their software and online friends add page number extractor, download the software, find the purchase.

1, the use of learning software.

2, extract online QQ number.

3, add friends.

note: QQ daily can add friends 50 friends to send a request, can 20 friends to send a request within one hour, one day IP can send up to 500 more than friend requests, there is danger of QQ limited. Friends need to enter the verification code, I hired someone to do 15 minutes, 100 friend requests that speed.

a day of hard work can be about 200 of the QQ number of friends made a request, one day

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