How should a movie station do a good user experience

prefers to go to the movies, but it’s not easy to see a high definition movie. It takes more than two hours to see a movie. I don’t see a clear edition. I’m sorry for myself. So I usually watch movies only on QVOD, and make myself a Qvod HD movie for convenience and convenience at the same time. ( It’s really not easy to do a website. It’s hard to find resources, and it’s hard to find good qvod resources. At the same time, the need to retain users, the need to allow users to have a good experience. Talk briefly about how you do it.

1. resources: general use of two resources to address, a Youku, a qvod, because the speed of Youku is faster than that of qvod, but also need to download the qvod plugin, many users do not love download the plugin. Moreover, it can prevent the problem of invalid address, one is invalid, there is another one, so that users can really find what they want to see movies, but also better retain users.

2. tablets for error: think before this function is not the chicken ribs, then think, for film certainly needs, because your site sources certainly can not meet the needs of all users, and the error of it, such as Youku resources are easy to failure, it is necessary to use this function, for their own good. Can also update their movie resources, allowing users to more trust to support their own website.

3. Forum: if you have the energy to manage, you can add a forum for your own movie station to do the download, the movie station to do online, BBS download, user-friendly search for resources. At the same time, through Baidu search, the forum can also bring a certain amount of users to their website.

4. update speed: the movie update is mainly shows and TV series, some popular TV series the best time to update, because there are a lot of people waiting to see, like prison break, every Tuesday, there are people waiting, finally can be updated in a timely manner, convenient for users. Others don’t have time to update later, and the main thing is to promote it.

5. topics: now Marx has a special function, make several topics, such as the Andy Lau Jackie Chan album album, etc., to provide some of the fans watching guide, special convenient extension, go directly to the star fans forum post, usually there are a lot of people go to the site, it would be good there are a lot of people brought back.

probably these, the whole movie station is quite difficult, especially now the movie station innumerable time, but we still have to adhere to, the king left behind like fish "". We must stick to it.

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