2 years grassroots Adsense by Baidu union advertising, earned the first pot of gold

in fact, say it, not afraid of jokes, I have been webmaster for more than 2 years, and never earned money before. Today, I opened my Baidu affiliate account, but it made me so excited. Why? Because the investment in the Baidu union advertisement made me win the first pot of gold in my life!


2012 May, the first site was set up in

before entering the Internet this circle, I was in a financial industry inside, but to do is network management this. I entered the doings of ghosts and gods, a domestic industry, and then made a rather baffling SEO, now think about all that unbelievable. But why do I want to build a website? Because I’m in a domestic company, see a domestic industry website, the website ranking is very good, our boss wanted to give this website to buy down, let me ask him about the price, price 6000 yuan! This time I understand that that site is for the


in 2012 May, I bought a domain name to remember very clearly 49 ocean, bought a space, because I want to be a domestic industry forum at the time, the space is a colleague of mine before I recommend to me! He said very reliable, I found that IDC manufacturers customer service, let he gave me a recommendation, because I said I was to do the forum, he recommended me a 376 yuan of forum type space, 20G traffic limit, double! And what I did not know, build a forum to use DZ or phpwind. The space control panel inherits the installation procedures for DZ and phpwind. I built a forum with DZ!


at that time, I would like to do the home economics forum in Henan Province, so the name of the record is the network of Henan and Henan, while the domain name is hnjzbbs.com, which means the Henan Home Economics forum. Because I was looking at a local forum in Zhengzhou is such a form, so I use this form, think now, the domain name is a piece of junk! But you have a is formally established, and he has also become worthy of the name station long


only lasted 3 months and the forum crashed,

at that time, his interest is very strong, very interested in building this stuff, plus your time just contact the SEO, feel good magic! At that time, they also learn some knowledge of SEO, and a website of their tube ranking has been improved. This makes me very happy! After every evening after dinner I was Daoteng herself of the forum! Every day to toss one or two in the morning, the key is do not feel tired!

later, the forum has a prototype, the whole column is well done, using the default template, according to their geographical division of the column. Later, I found that the forum was too garbage and the template was not good enough to attract others. Later, for three months or so, I gave him up. Because I found, even if not

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