Take BiliBili as an example of how to make community products

you’ll find that the bigger the community, the less likely it is to define your product.

you’ll find that the bigger the community, the less likely it is to define your product. The more a product has a large user, the more concise the performance, the more stable, the so-called road to jane. In contrast, those who do everything, a list of a dozen of features, including a complex product, must not do much.

understands community

in fact, VC’s actual combat method is difficult to abstract, and no book can really tell clearly, because it is closely related to each specific case. So, this time I would like to take BiliBili as a case to share with you my practical experience and Thoughts on investing in the Internet community industry.

first saw BiliBili (hereinafter referred to as B station), I and most of the 80, even after 70 views, I think the barrage is against humanity. We open the video site is to see the drama, and now full screen of the characters are blocked, and this should affect people’s experience? This is my first confusion.

my second puzzle lies in some concerns about the two dimension culture. B station at that time, living in PC and APP, add up to a total of only four million, and now has more than twenty million. But at that point in time, what would it look like? No one could answer it.

in addition, in our understanding, basically two dimensional crowd about equal to animation crowd, and animation is about equal to animation. Everyone thinks the cartoons are children, and when they are grown up, they don’t look anymore. The future will be like Renren, users gradually lost in the process of growth, and thus become a non extension of the stage products?

data source: Analysys think tank 2015-2016, two dimension industry special report

these doubts are real, and can not get rid of, so in the A round, I and Xu Yi (Note: B station founder) chatted, but did not vote, to the B round before throwing in. Investment in this matter itself is a constantly tangled wandering, like a stone, your experience will make you a better judgment, help you win; but even if you are a veteran, also can not guarantee one hundred percent success.

in the B round, I finally eliminated the confusion and persuaded myself to invest in the B station. I was using data, event reading and user interviews to dispel confusion in three dimensions.

the dimension of the first data: the B station is a typical rational judgment that modifies the case of perceptual judgment.

when making investment decisions, usually I think can be divided into two major paths: one is the rational judgment, mainly through the collection of data and information, and to interpret them, eventually forming a conclusion; the other one is perceptual judgment, or intuition, is to put yourself.

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