Website construction young entrepreneurs hand or the grave

played 8 years in the Internet industry, enterprise station, station, local stations do regular garbage, ups and downs was nearly thirty years of age. Around the great friends, children into the industry of the entrepreneurial force, and for most people, especially young people, choose this industry, entrepreneurship is still starting from the site construction.

a year before my age and friends, choose entrepreneurship, the project is still very not creative is website construction and promotion, a year later, tens of thousands of his debts. I have also done site construction business, I know that relying solely on website construction is not a home, and there is no successful case in China, there is no site for the construction of a good living company. Some people may say that in the power, he did not live a good, very far away from the market, he is mainly two sales team dehumanizing strong business scope is more complicated with more complex, this does not sell to sell other.

a lot of people living on the primary stage of business network companies are not optimistic, why, to another station, thousands of pieces, calculate the cost of grinding and know, net profit is low. High-end site to level, and the number does not come, the low-end station is miserable. We can imagine that the low-end market building business, 1000-3000, or even lower, you have to make changes in addition to the requirements, there can be profit?


because I recently made a template class website, and many network companies have partnerships, and now many of their companies, even hundreds of dollars, can make a profit. This platform I built PSD design only sell the design master, their hand work, or by the customer but shot high grade work, the formation of a trading platform. A good template, a few bucks, but solved most of the network company aircraft, no advance or even bidding headache. Here, everyone said I was soft or on the low-end of the network company survive or not, I hope that the win-win situation, practitioners and I and feeds people win three.

I have a comparative good wishes, is selling the Alto Benz, that is to say, can be seen in the low-end establishment of the company through the low cost of operation, to live a valuable profit. Finally, post this template station address:, thank you for your reading.

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