Rookie Adsense promotion successful entrance

1, QQ chat. Personally, I feel like the first thing to delay, and the beginner should control QQ time and devote more effort to the website’s content promotion. It’s good to be able to get into some groups and listen to some lectures. Remember, don’t spend too much time. And games, movies, say 88, go to the station this way, in the initial stage and those unnecessary entertainment bye bye, get the site has been very tired, and then make those more tired, affect work. Really want to chat, it is better to chat to exchange links,


2, do not want to have. As for the novice and so many difficulties, do once will be found but so, find a good use of CMS, change the icon, configuration IIS, do not want to write the original acquisition rules, put ads generate website 2 hours to start a station to be easily. Some webmasters have thousands of websites, not surprising. Novice to spend one hundred yuan (domain name +100MASP space will not be more than 150 yuan) to get a space getting started on the road, do not get this money everywhere to find what free space, free domain name, 100 yuan you are reluctant to spend, don’t enter this industry. And spending money will be more serious, huh?. Immediate action is the first step in getting started. A lot of people hang around here for a long time without making any progress.

3, level of effort. As a professional webmaster, 8 hours a day online time should be very ordinary, I get up at 8 every day to work like this: see QQ, mailbox information, watching ADMIN5 news and update website content, website promotion in the evening, and then play the rest. Which is the main content of promotion, website content in the rookie stage number and importance than beautiful website promotion, do not spend energy to look good on the website of lace, wine is also afraid of deep alley! Why not come to your site, because people do not know, now we talk about SEO technology, not that, I only human promotion, you send 200 advertisements a day, continuous 3 months, your site does not make money you can comment to scold me. Success lies in perseverance perseverance and hard work, I know a high level in a monthly income of 50 thousand yuan, he and his girlfriend, 2 people often work until midnight, so money is so hard, I often remind ourselves an example.

4, standing on the shoulders of giants. As a novice learning expert experience is to rapidly improve their magic, an expert to teach you how to do it on their own understanding, to the key word Baidu search and you site types and see how others do, what kind of advertisement, the position is how to put a small way, some time ago to learn a family advertising, my every day more than $5, seems to have the harvest diligently.

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