See old beauty viralnova website talk about individual stationmaster

today, occasionally looking through A5, see an article "how to use the eight month old beauty to create billions of individual monthly traffic station", the content is about a viralnova personal blog website, become monthly flow of billions within 8 months, analysis about this website the data source of traffic, site location, then there is whether copy can come to Chinese internet.

specific content, interested friends can Baidu this article, take a look at yourself.

today, squid dinner is not about this article, but also about this article. Let me talk about it.

, first of all, this website called viralnova, its contents are mainly three kinds:

first: share something interesting,

second: the story of positive energy

third: valuable article

in fact, the three kind, seemingly squid rice, this site and he almost, and many sites on the Internet and he almost, why did he in just 8 months time to do hundreds of millions of traffic,


, let’s analyze the traffic source of his station, Facebook is the most important source of traffic, that is, it is not the success of the search engine, but the success of the Internet marketing.

then this network marketing in the country can also have, although there is no Facebook this thing, but there are micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street and other social tools can replace Facebook. Of course, in the home also has similar website success, such as embarrassment network, embarrassments Wikipedia and other sites, they also belong to this form of similar.

In fact, squid meal

that either viralnova or domestic embarrassments our personal Adsense network, you can see some worthy of your own learning experience from.

I think the following points are worth our personal webmaster to study.

first: diligence and perseverance, just in this article, members of the viralnova of the site for 3 people, so it is also the founder of the main members, working every day for 16 hours, and he said this 16 hours, he kept watching the world hundreds of thousands of blogs. He believes that reproduced interesting articles, and then comment. So I want to do a station is actually very hard, but hard work is necessary, we must insist on, no matter what you do, insist on is the most important, you hard and not to persist, even if you will fail.

second: don’t hang hang in a tree, in fact, now the communication information is so advanced, the only source of search engine is not web site traffic, most of the time by sharing and network marketing, as for the second point, I think I’m here do not have to say, "

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