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, like the brand market, has a high demand for creativity! As users direct docking operations, not only need to be boring and difficult to understand the content of the product packaging is simple and interesting, in the face of once a month in the event planning, clear objectives and marketing tools, marketing scene, operators also need to think about how to package the same wonderful activities.

packaging inspiration and ideas often appear inadvertently, and when we need most, but no trace, creative thinking requires complex cognition, and the routine thinking process is completely different.

creativity is the most prominent feature of its own contradictions (niche and counterintuitive), rich experience of life, vision and personality, enough contradictions are often more creative. It takes time and precipitation sufficient for operation, although there is no "typical innovation mode", but you can recommend some tools (Web site) to help three character and are very positive in the operation, the lack of operational inspiration "on" they look for creative.

advertising creative portal

advertising creative portal, as a professional content website in the field of brand marketing, can provide us with the latest and most interesting marketing information, copywriting and activity analysis information at home and abroad. Currently doing better advertising creative portal site, there are plum net, several British network, advertising door, top copy, network advertising community, creative Kung Fu network, Madison state, gold investment network, oneshow and so on.

1. advertising portal website is China’s advertising industry leader in online media and industry interactive information service platform, many Internet companies do social, campaign scrambling to publish their marketing above closed.

2. plum network was established in 2002 should be regarded as the early marketing direction of information portal, in addition to the latest marketing case, also provide all kinds of data information service for advertising and Market Research department.

3. top copywriting, copywriting, advertising, and creative aspects of design, architecture, art sharing sites, forced grid design and with the whole page is very high, and the case of marketing than other foreign websites more abundant.

4. the number of English, in the positioning and direction of content and other creative portal platform almost, the number of English is in the main mode of using UGC+PGC combined with some creative research on the case of two processing on the paper.

recommend these sites, mainly my personal, usually like to look at these platforms, some marketing cases, the collection of good ideas. Before the start of the event, in the case of certain goals, they will also find inspiration for packaging on these platforms, such as Valentine’s day in the advertising door search keywords, you can see the industry’s fun Valentine’s day packaging.

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