Do ya friends, easily five hundred knives a month!

had written an article, do ya friends, I earn 61 knives a day, the article, I do not know if you have an impression. Later removed, Wang said a bit sorry, but he admitted: you are the only one who is allowed to add AD in the article, the author of the offline development. The article was deleted, I can understand the difficulty of the king, and thank you for supporting me.


did not want to write today, and just a QQ the author talks about improving the income structure problem, before I like him, just a writer, specially written manuscript IT. He believes that when writing from interest into occupation is a very painful thing, although the monthly money even more than the salary. Of course I earn high wages by writing a lot, but I still did not give up work. I would like to have a chance to write about the experience of that period of time, anyway, the deepest impression is that I went to the post office to get a remittance, miss is not with me to ID. Have a take, there is a woman, see I took so much money, of course she is writing, but not IT, is the education of the manuscript. She asked me my name after I left. Miss refused to say, then she and my acquaintance, but can’t remember the name, and then said I miss very much ” Oh, don’t say, going.

back to the topic, I am from 2 to 6, do ya friends, then write a day to earn $61 I admit a bit in making the user’s eyes, because the 61 block is not converted, but even so, 61 knife after the conversion has nearly ten knife, as a novice just do it yayou this number should not low. Here is what I just do ya friends income screenshot:

to give you a look at the last few days of my income screenshot:

in recent days a day on average more than ten dollars, especially the 3.12 registration rate is still high. According to this ratio, a month to earn five hundred knife is no problem.

actually think about it, and you’ll make a lot of money. There are a lot of users on the QQ asked me how to do stand, how to do traffic, how to convert the flow of money. I usually tell them a little bit of my own experience, to introduce my ideas, but they are not willing to try, do not want to do according to the idea, but just want to get ready. In fact, everyone’s practice is different, just to see how you understand and apply the ideas of others, it will become their own things!

please "today I was expelled from school, I will decide on what path to follow the author?!", if you see this article, if you think my experience can also help you earn one money, solve your current difficulties, please contact me! Contact method can search in the Internet "winter without autumn" key word, should have! Because I had a similar experience before, even though it’s not as hard as you. I graduated in 2000, salary is 500 yuan a month, do is to a private school primary school from the first grade to the sixth grade class information package! If you don’t want to do it my way

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