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English first 100 school league www.1steng.com was founded in the year of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, opened in April 16th, by the Shanghai science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yi Qing Huai education foundation co sponsored by the Shanghai Institute of education by many other educational research institutions involved in the cooperation, is the middle school students online learning and communication platform, but also the majority of English teachers and online teaching resources sharing platform.

building site background:

I am a middle school English teaching and English teachers engaged in teaching and research, the long-term observation of every hue English learning website, I hope not the ideal site found, a little website random write English articles get up, do not say a mistake, even the typography is not humane, not to mention learning a direct help.

in the current market demand in Shanghai and the national each big city, the popularity of the Internet and the mobile phone is almost same, every family all pass network, not everyone everyone on the Internet, online chat boys girls, parents worry, but the corresponding situation is for students to learn the website does not have a high quality, so I had to create a a "green network learning, parents at ease, happy net" idea.

has been carefully planned and carefully produced, and the first English Union website has been officially launched. My idea is to share the network learning form to realize education equality and quality resources, so that every student in our help, speak fluent English, with a high score of the examination paper, lay the foundation of foreign language good for later life development; I am sure the goal is to make the student is not out of the house to improve performance.

The principle of

site construction:

I have decided the principle of "specialization, quality, marketization and standardization" for my website.

is a specialized type of my website is not large and all, is designed for middle school English online learning and design, because both junior or senior high school, I was familiar with the teaching content, but also has many years of experience in teaching and teaching research in the provincial key middle school.

The so-called

boutique is my website from the article to the pictures are not that serious abuse of rough editing, the journal I am serious review and re processing after the release, I asked the content on the site is "original + + translation + reprint adaptation", not the vulgar.

marketing is my website’s profit model. My website has "English online learning system", which is an English learning software developed by me. There is no other substitute for its function and content. I use the way of cooperation with Shanghai and high schools across the country to jointly promote our online learning services, with positive cooperation, common development "and the principle of mutual benefit and win-win alliance school to promote my learning software. If my website has 1000 traffic, that is 1000 users, so, my website does not hang advertisement, clear cool refreshing, not >

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