Webmaster dry, let the site a way to make money

today to share the dry goods, is built on the site has been advertising, pop and other conventional means of profit based on the new developed a way to make money, welcome to read.


webmaster master flow and content, why less and less income?

webmaster mastered tens of thousands of traffic flow channels, but in today’s mobile Internet era, advertising revenue has dropped, the value of the site traffic continues to depreciate.

investigate its reason, PC website still wants to transform, stand on tuyere.


want to make money, you must contact the mobile terminal tuyere

Internet era, platform users while changing, but the demand for content is always the core needs, tastes and needs of traditional web users and mobile end users to content exactly the same.

so, if you remove technology research and development costs, the webmaster has a content based app, fully qualified to convert the site traffic into higher app users with single user value!

today, the core of dry goods is to the webmaster Amway an opportunity to move into the mobile terminal.

0 cost customized mobile app, joined the mobile Internet start-ups, rapid increase traffic realized

looking for reading world alliance, the main share of the economy, complementary resources principle, for the owners of such a good foundation for their own object, according to the content of the website features, free custom app services.

let more webmasters quickly join the mobile Internet big wave, help Adsense realize PC station, WAP station, Android and Apple App resources open up, form ecological closed loop, enjoy the mobile Internet tuyere bonus.


can not ignore the app advertising revenue, adding a new method of earning money for the website

App advertising value is generally 10 times higher than website advertising.


start page advertising, magazine reading page plaque advertising, the banner bookstore, all have a free customized version of the app rich and high user experience and high conversion advertising position, reading alliance provides rich advertisement filled, but also support the webmaster independent access to business cooperation.


novel reading users, the daily use of 2 hours per person, the number of 8 times, and a novel usually words millions of words, users read app retained data excellent.

read users not only app sticky data excellent, and the main crowd aged 15-30 years old, the crowd and the game, electricity providers and other mainstream Internet advertisers demand >

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