Several misunderstandings in choosing a virtual host

is the service provider space innumerable service quality, make friends very uneven in quality, have had the painful experience of being space service providers to deceive, how to avoid being space service providers to cheat? How to choose their own virtual host virtual host in many? Very many webmaster especially very much just do with so many webmaster the space service providers will be confused. Before the interest of agent, in order to give their website to find a virtual host, had 3 consecutive days in the global search engine. Here, learn from the experience on the network, summarize the choice of virtual host should pay attention to the problem:

1, out of the virtual host low-cost misunderstanding.

market often see cheap, but also to provide large capacity, unlimited IIS connections, unlimited flow of services, people see the inevitable heartbeat. But the sky will not fall, service providers also need to survive, server and bandwidth is the largest provider of virtual host rental costs, ridiculously low price, it means that the cost of hardware, service small decline is a direct consequence of the stability of the server, the speed and quality of service customer service.

2, from the host business, or from the agent to buy?.

space’s innumerable currently on the market, but in fact is not so much the virtual hosting provider, there is a lot of space for business agent, fame is not very big, we have to figure out is not the agent, if the agent, where is the agent of the products, the sample quality we can judge what is the virtual host good. In addition, comparison of virtual hosting providers and agents of the product price, because most of the agents is lower than the price of the retail price of virtual hosting providers, such as network, for this kind of situation, because of the two products and services are the same, the selection of agents with low price, is also a good choice.

3, buy the package carefully.

some virtual hosting providers have introduced a variety of preferential packages, usually the virtual host and domain name sold together, cheaper than the independent purchase, very much. But often only renew packages together, want to separate renewals, depends on the virtual host’s mood, so don’t be tempted to buy virtual host for the domain name, the best customer service before buying advice.

4, don’t buy universal virtual host

universal host is also known as the "almighty space", which is based on the support of HTML, ASP.NET and ACCESS not only supports ASP, SQL, Server, PHP, MySQL also supports interactive language and other database. The virtual host provides many low-end universal host, but I suggest that non essential, must not buy the host, because, in IIS not only provide ASP service, and to provide PHP services, and some also offer JSP service, will make the server at the same time the three terribly fatigued! Service is generally uses the IIS module in the background load, design > any one

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