Note fresh O2O death 5 kinds of death, shututonggui


to Online to Offline, O2O to solve fresh not only online browsing, ordering, payment and other issues, more important is the distribution line, the core is the O2O: disintermediation, this is the fundamental problem to solve the fresh O2O. But for the blue ocean market fresh O2O, there are few outstanding projects emerge, the main problems are various, such as logistics and distribution, the target group is too small, users accustomed to training and so on, will make fresh O2O entrepreneurs face the risk of death.

1. last mile logistics distribution

: Death Index assumes


actual case: excellent dishes, nets, friendship, etc. all disappeared fresh O2O enterprise

The problem of

logistics distribution, in all fresh O2O enterprises, is a matter of life and death, and even this is the whole O2O field are facing difficulties. The O2O industry is really a successful model from the concept of everyone’s words into reality, and logistics providers are the first. At present, the best way to solve the extended storefront continuously or the next line from mentioning, seems to be able to solve the problem, but the fresh O2O in addition to improving the operation cost of the enterprise, the entrepreneur is difficult to site, with the electricity supplier traditional enterprises have the advantage in the competition, will slow down their growth rate, and not at all to solve the logistics problem.

excellent vegetable network founder Ding Jingtao previously said, the core idea of fresh electricity supplier is to solve the fresh logistics problems, hoping to send food through the same as milk delivery, so that low-cost fresh logistics possible. But Offline happens to be in the logistics process, because it has no community channels, can not solve the problem of high cost of logistics, such as the excellent dish network, Huayi million other pioneers in this link spent too much capital, and ultimately to the death, even set up a half million Yi died.

currently, almost all fresh O2O entrepreneurs still do not solve the logistics, distribution and cost of integrated problems. Relative to ordinary commodities, fresh food for the distribution of high demand, to ensure that food clean and fresh, the delivery time, distribution, fresh-keeping boxes, distribution vehicles, etc., are strict requirements. But fresh O2O entrepreneurs, in the face of this inescapable reality, but also helpless through their own way to solve this problem.

select the young monarch dish in the subway station near the user, this distribution is a way Quxianjiuguo approach, to a certain extent to solve the high cost of delivery brings, also can make users get good distribution, but compared with developed electricity distribution, this is certainly not satisfactory. Fresh cut onions Master said their efforts to do delivery, only in the afternoon 4-6 distribution every day, this commitment to the delivery time, will face the high cost, but also fresh O2O face death most likely the original.

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