Your engine, my station, my soft text, you will see

first of all, I would like to thank the major search engines for 1 days (March 19, 2009 -20), all included in my "eating and drinking" network: I also want to thank A5 for the success of my first article: Grassroots webmaster bathed in the care of the party. You gave me the opportunity to embrace the ideal, let me in the boundless network, finally put his feet on the ground, I completed the history on the network for the first time evolution, so, I can do my feet on the ground "in Chongqing’s most influential entertainment community portal". (please hacker brother sister mercy, because I have no money please support my "Chongqing net of idle away in seeking pleasure". First days to be collected, second days to be black!)

, how do I let the search engine quickly included my website? A good website promotion soft Wen is essential. Now I’ll focus on my experience (the family talk is purely personal and irrelevant to the station):

The so-called

soft Wen: refers to the target market oriented concept of through certain appeal, emphasizes the facts, by professional planners or advertising copywriter to organization responsible for writing the rigid incite medium "text ads", make users unconsciously into my set " field " given the strong and powerful; and the psychological impact, rapid IP effect mode. The appeal is a soft ruzuochunfeng, very sonorous communication effect.

soft, highly respected, declined, the first reason is that hard advertising effect of the rising cost of TV media, the second is the media for the first charge is soft hard advertising to low a lot, I chose the form of soft promotion in the case of shortage of funds. Therefore, I am from the point of view of market economics and regional economics, willing to test the water with soft Wen, so as to make the market a small range of basic speculation quickly set sail.

soft is the same, my mode of operation is simple: the prerequisite is a center – tell my own experience as the center; hot two basic points: manufacturing has news value and necessary media guide users attention:

, you can use the way of inquiry. Put forward a core problem to seize the attention of users like, then around the core problem of question and answer. For example, " Chongqing " net of idle away in seeking pleasure is fun?, " why should click on the Chongqing " ", idle away in seeking pleasure?;; the latest information is really idle away in seeking pleasure,? " and so on, by asking questions and thus increasing attention by topic. But a beginner must hold the duration of the combination of language, the question must be attractive, the answer is to accord with the basic common sense, otherwise, can only be in a cocoon around oneself Its loopholes appeared one after another..

two, you can also bring out your website by telling a complete story, so that the website " the information effect ">

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