t said PR links the disturbing thing who stir PR connection board

said PR link the disturbing thing, who stirred the PR connection?

is such a problem, a lot of Heroes (prawns); many seniors have come up with advice on. I don’t copy paste, and I’ll talk about buying and selling links in BBS recently. At the same time, I also saw some melon haha, I want to say you ha melon which is typical of you. Http://bbs.admin5.com/thread-237045-1-1.html

stands out: I am neutral. I sell PR principle, can do it, just leave.

(you have a different position, spit it out, and don’t hold yourself back.).


there are a handful of PR owners attempt to provoke the sale of PR standard transaction beam recently stationmaster net BBS, seems to want to be "leadership"? Making the pressure of public opinion, the purpose is to let those who buy connection to improve price to acquire their own hands when a baby PR. There are still, direct the spearhead at graph king, his son said that "just look at other people to write, to see the top of the post graph king, in fact, is graph king messing up the market, the price is also the top graph king, you talk about who is disrupting the market? The silent figure InfoKing to them those people a chance to default those cheap intermediary and cheaper close links!" and a friend of **2008’s proposed "ADMIN5 should pay a price for it, don’t let the price of cabbage to appear." In response to these questions, I would like to express my views.

1: let’s talk about the role of admin5. The king and his Admin5 are not the messiah. Step back, Admin5’s guidance price only represents an attitude of Admin5, and this attitude can explain what, nothing can explain, because not the king, Admin5 in the purchase of connection. Stationmaster net opened this platform is to facilitate the transaction, by the way of graph king culture point Daoye, some intermediary fees. That’s it。 Those who dislike unfair can go to other websites to trade. 286, Chinaz has PR trading section.

2:PR link buying and selling is a market act. Since it is a market action, both parties are trading on the basis of what you are willing to do. This market rule is not yours, I figure Wang has the ability to stop, one willing to sell, one willing to buy. Graph king have? And graph king? The emperor did not come by.

In whose hands is the

3:PR link? No matter what the rules of the game, the rules of the market are controlled by both sides. There is room for bargaining in everything. PR link transactions are controlled by both buyers and sellers. The PR link is in the hands of the webmaster. Is the webmaster fooling himself?. Many webmaster is selling low-priced PR at the same time, while crying father shout Niang, too cheap, not worthwhile, suffer a loss. It’s the webmaster himself

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