Buying and selling links how to choose a good seller

you A5 hotties, 51 is not out Shuangwai? It may end, but also into intense work. Especially webmaster friends, but also to face again and again the income challenges, do standing, research, SEO, sales advertising, can be said to be busy. I sincerely hope that every webmaster in the festival time, have achieved considerable sales performance, and I hope I can help you. I am your forever friend, my QQ88124886, A5 certified professional link seller, a professional webmaster willing to share experiences and achievements with all webmasters.

today is 54 youth day, a festival for our young people. In this festival, we must believe that our future is brilliant and full of passion. Let us bid farewell to that pitch breath of the times, to create a wealth of their own resort.

my list of all articles in this series is:

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believes that most of the people who rock A5 know that A5’s link market is very prosperous. The supply and marketing situation is here almost every day. So why do so many people choose to buy links? The reason is simple. Because one-way links have very high weights, a large number of one-way links can improve the ranking of keywords in search.

a large number of experiments have proved that a competition is not fierce keywords, after a small amount of access to the chain, the ranking will rise to long-term search position.

then asked, the search algorithm every day in the adjustment, this algorithm will not change? I want to say is that the constant false, but not a big change, because the search is always based on the user experience, outside chain user experience is one of the important reference in the examination. Each outside the chain is equivalent to the election of the election of the village head when we vote, the chain is more relevant keywords vote more, according to the public choice of the village head, according to the public choice of the website, that is the principle.

in this case, the choice of the chain optimization is undoubtedly a very good way, there are so few advantages:

1, new sites do not look at the face of people find someone to change links;

2, the website’s PR and ranking will grow steadily for a long time;

3, the website can obtain stable traffic for a long time.

is precisely because of the obvious visual effect of the chain, so that more and more friends

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