Away from drugs, away from search, in order to achieve unbeaten website

Day at

station network, many owners see as search engines have been included in Baidu and alternate between joy and grief, and was as cheerful as a lark to improve PR and GG excited, a keyword ranking first and certainly more immensely proud, is Baidu K and feel is not on the way, as if their website is for Baidu Google, the search is built, their God, not only master the fate of the site, but also to control the webmaster of the passions.

in fact, in my opinion, the search engine to the webmaster, more like a drug, it can make you elated, stoned, can make you more obsessed, fall into hell. The real God of the website is your user, only they can accomplish your unbeaten myth.

maybe, you think I’m a big mouth, standing up talking, no back pain, no search, everything is empty talk. So give me some proof of my point of view in my own experience.

my website (the specific name is not written, so as not to have suspected of advertising), created more than four years ago, is a music class download station, such a site is very need to search engines to support. Indeed, at the beginning of my creation, because my website was first developed in the field of subdivision, it has a large number of quality resources. Of course, the search engine has been favored, a lot of keywords ranked first, from Baidu there has been a very large flow, there are 5-8 IP a day, which in 04 years is an exaggeration of the data. I also like every new webmaster like cheer, excited. However, maybe I was good times don’t last long, too much Baidu search on the first page, so many people envy. All of a sudden, the acquisition, and the direct use of OE download link to my site, I make various people come in a throng, impossible to guard against, finally, perhaps because the OE is too many pages, resulting in network too similar to the site, or because of my site in SEO is too poor, finally will be the site of Baidu K me, everything is over.

from tens of thousands of days to thousands of IP traffic, is an order of magnitude gap, the psychological gap is even greater. In our website, downhearted management is increasingly poor, a few old user sites sounded my QQ, cheer for me, tell me thank you very much for my website provides wonderful content for them, I hope to add more content. The moment of touching, let me regain confidence, I began to share music sharing happiness "for the purpose of painstaking collection of exciting content, not Site: my site, even in order to prevent the original content by acquisition, we have also banned some columns of search engines in the web site.

time has passed, in the past four years, I had become the father of a child. I spent all stationmaster experiences in the past four years, the collection, hacker, Trojan, Baidu K, GG drop right, by GG K, union cheat, copyright lawyer letter, received $server bad, insufficient bandwidth and so on, the most serious one is because of a piece of banned songs the reason is the network eyeing Services >

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