Front page designer must see two points of experience

The design of Web front-end

has been a shortage of talent in the industry, practitioners need to solid theoretical foundation of knowledge also need to understand the basic knowledge of SEO and experience. I met so many rookie designers, designers get the plane basically rookie began to cut the page, in the emphasis on speed today, the designer’s work efficiency and effectiveness determines the popularity of designers, so as a rookie designer, I think this is two of the work must be clear:

1: logical ability

here I do not emphasize the horse physical logic and business logic, but refers to the understanding of things. As operators often found, designers can not completely understand the purpose and object attributes of the project, always a person to get the web page blind label, "from the basic text and pictures, but also by" as one of the most important structure of information flow, not all pages must comply with the information flow, but as a good "and" popular "," even as the basis of information flow is the site of survival.

In front of the

project is always by a demand point into a presentation layer effectively, all the contents of the presentation are decided by the importance and complexity of the demand, the author hopes that designers can strongly realize it. Pages are not blindly driven out, but also do not want to come up with, the web page to send a specific information display and circulation, in need of users and business win-win at the same time, but also more need to search for recognition.

simple example, the designer asked himself, "as a designer, the use of H tags have their own set of views?". The H tag is clearly recorded in web content importance, designers in the segmentation plane for the plane in 1234 the importance of the identification mark, after we can see the basic framework of "segmentation before, from H1 to H6, according to the breakdown of the important web content, it is also in order to search according to the the W3C standard and the index page standard tag, please look at the designer, you do this


two: search for knowledge

SEO basic knowledge, it can be said that the current front-end designers must understand and grasp the knowledge points, a good page in line with the W3C standards must comply with the search for approval. From the Google webmaster website optimization guide, or Baidu SEO webmaster guide or, all just emphasize a point, do good site, want to search to must comply with their game rules.

For example

page in the breadcrumb navigation and page description in the content establishment, breadcrumb navigation is currently every site must have, as a designer, do you know why? Breadcrumb essence is a directory path in a way, and that is to guide the essence the user location, some front-end designers in the production will be reduced to a breadcrumb people can not understand the point, some are unknown.

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