Analysis of how to become a profitable Taobao

now many people have joined Taobao customers, especially experienced webmasters are also a large number of join, and many people are making money, some can earn one hundred days, some can earn ten thousand monthly, this is really enviable, but more Taobao customers can not earn money, why is this? The author summarizes most of them do not give them to do the following three points! That is to simplify complex issues, the simple problem of theextreme, the ultimate standard, then I will give you a detailed introduction of


1: simplify complex problems


passenger is not complicated, so the promotion methods don’t make very complicated, at present Taobao customers to promote the popular method is to optimize SEO long tail keywords, soft Wen promotion and QQ group promotion, Forum promotion, so we have no need to use these methods? We must be based on the principle of simplifying the complicated problems, the you should choose the one or two promotion methods is enough! As you chose the long tail keywords SEO optimization, there will be no need to choose the QQ group! Is the so-called weak water three thousand, and we only need to drink enough! "/p>

two: simple problem extreme

when we choose one or two promotion method, we need to study these one or two methods is very thorough, or that the SEO optimization of long tail keywords for example, this time we will learn SEO technology efforts, grasp the essence of SEO optimization, that is to site the content of the original and increase the chain to the original and the chain to achieve the ultimate, the original and the chain is how to write the original and The more, the better., but do the chain? This is according to their ability, if the station itself is the problem of the original writing master, so naturally it is easy to solve, but the chain can also be published by soft to you, if webmaster itself composition level is not high, you can ask some gunmen to give you complete it, but the operating costs will increase Add a little, in a word, for the optimization of the SEO long tail keywords must be a thorough study, this is the typical way to solve the problem of simple


three: extreme problem standardization

recently, Mr. Tang Jun said a word called my success can be replicated, so for Taobao customers, we also need to copy, to be able to do to make money, so the ultimate problems become standardized to achieve this point, when you finish the extreme problem, that you have good command of Taobao off site, the key point is that if you do a similar product of Taobao customer is not very quick success? This requires you in the first successful Taobao guest website who summed up the standardized work, so that you can copy a lot of Taobao customers no matter the website, so you naturally continued success, continue to make money


above three is also the author of Taobao during passenger constantly summed up the experience, hope to be able to embark on the road of the webmaster Taobao customers bring some help.

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