nteractive design analysis a product state that should not be neglected in design

[editor’s note] this article is reprinted from @ Mu Mu yoyo ”s personal blog. In the product design process, designers always like to do very beautiful graphics, in the content of the virtual page, using beautiful pictures, the content is arranged just right. However, when the output interface demo, this page may be empty content of the page, there may be a lot of content, resulting in layout dislocation.

therefore, in the design of interfaces, we must not ignore the state of the air, content and other extreme state. These states may only be encountered during initial use, and perhaps only a small number of users will experience them, but these affect the quality of the product.


makes interactive or visual copies, designers make virtual content on the page in order to make the interface as realistic as possible. But when you see the demo produced by the front end students, the designers will always feel why they are different from the pages I originally made,


empty state


users first use some products, they often encounter the interface of empty content, especially the social Internet products. Users need to build their own circles and produce content. At this point, a novice boot is used to direct the user to the next step.


, such as the initial use of foursquare, will guide users to add friends, in order to facilitate the search for friends, you can also import friends from Facebook, Gmail, twitter.


if your Facebook hasn’t written anything yet, he’ll lead you to writing and releasing new articles.


, too, Flickr uses boot operations to give users a clear idea of what their current state is and what they should do next.


Gmail is to send mail to boot users, allowing users to read the instructions at the same time, that is, to complete the first use experience.


Tumblr using the empty state the main operating area of the interface are described, does not require the user what to do next, you can go to add attention to publish content, can also go to decorate their home. This is also the hope that users can quickly get started.

status that is too long for content

The interface in

Internet products should be extensible so that content can be flexibly implemented

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