Groupon’s experience with start-up companies self marketing and simplicity

, September 27th, according to foreign media reports, many people love everything about Groupon, from business models to branding to marketing, to everything. Groupon can even be tied with 3 other social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Companies on Groupon show good social media marketing, which provides excellent marketing stories, such as Gap. Furthermore, you can summarize some entrepreneurial growth experience from Groupon:

1. business model is more social

The commercial value of

social media has been well documented, especially as social business is heating up now. The smartest thing right now is to add social media elements to your business model. Even mature brands are forced to adopt social technology to maintain their vitality, and new brands are greatly benefiting from the social media effect. This is what Groupon’s "buy" concept, the company itself and social elements bundled, businesses if you want to expand the product audience, you can share features through social channels. This is definitely a genius.

2. makes things easy, forget the button

One of the biggest frustrations

has for a new business is to invest in building a website month after month, constantly redesigning, optimizing, and adding more buttons. Continually add new capabilities to increase traffic. By contrast, Groupon is much simpler; it provides a solution: you don’t need an additional technology to create a product that users will buy. All you need to do on the Groupon site is to receive transaction information via mail, to connect with Facebook, to view recent transactions, and to choose whether to accept a friend’s recommendation. This is a compelling website that offers a personal user experience without requiring too much of the consumer.

3. ambitious marketing


know? Groupon has done a lot of advertising in Facebook. By doing so, visual ads attract users to pay attention to their websites and eventually accept the transactions they offer. Groupon has never been afraid to cooperate with big brands, which ultimately translate into huge marketing value and expand the scope of influence. What Groupon continues to do is to immediately invest in channels that can expand its business strategy. The marketing activities in the same Gap company, Groupon bought advertising on the Digg website, the user simply click of a mouse can share the group purchase coupons, has more effect obviously help.

4. is growing rapidly, expanding rapidly,

although many people believe that the concept of Groupon is not entirely new, it does not deny that the site is not afraid of rapid growth and the fact that new markets are constantly being developed. From July to August, the site traffic increased

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