SEO 5 soft – bone metacarpophalangeal and Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon

bone metacarpophalangeal: from Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, which is characterized by the outbreak of the main strength of an hand in a velvet glove. Methods mainly based on the palm, running action without stop, stretch, come into operation within the storage ring; the strength is strong, is soft, rapid outbreak.

Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon: the same from Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, its characteristic is invincible, no solid not broken. Although the trick is limited, but every move has great power. By virtue of its strong force, urge Zhang dint, beat the opponent in one fell swoop.

fifth as a novice webmaster, why write this? Nowadays, what things do not need publicity? "Sell themselves"? That is a one for people came to fame. So advertising comes into being. Advertising is divided into hard and soft and wide wide, hard wide as Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon, straightforward, sharply; soft wide is to bone palmar, with strength inside the rolling in the viewer’s subconscious a brand rooted.

with the development of the times, people’s advertising requirements are getting higher and higher. Before, "XX brand soap is good", similar advertising has now been unable to attract people’s attention. Not to say that Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon (hard) is no longer useful, but hard wide need a tough platform. All know that Baidu promotion, click on the cost, sometimes high scary. Tencent News pop-up window can also advertise the Tencent if you want to promote a certain thing, the pop-up window to show the effect of the news, as can be imagined. But as the cost is China stationmaster a few can afford? Can you in the A5 above the published advertisements in a flagrant way? You do not rule out the people in these sites, but if so, then how many people will visit this site, who would like to browse the website is full of advertising. Tencent and Baidu can do? Why, although no one, but don’t forget the money! A friend of the fifth, ant gallery owners, began to promote his website, want to QQ the kind of regional propaganda way, consult the cost, then dispel this idea.

so many stationmaster turns to soft wide. For example, write soft text, and then published on a number of higher weight websites. But because of the website such as A5 to check the quality of the article, so many articles will not be approved, and that’s why we can see so many high-quality articles on such websites. We look at the article at the same time, there will be the subconscious memory of mentioned in this article, the webmaster text on this website, it is nothing but want to mix a familiar face, let more people know you, and to get to know your steps. This is similar to the bones of the palm of the Gong Kung Fu, and slowly integrate you, and ultimately achieve advertising results.

as for the benefits of a good article, Xiao Wu is deeply understanding. Before a "SEO:" SEO Fifth Fifth: "western medicine" Baidu PK "traditional Chinese medicine" SEO "by A5 on the home page, I, for the first time, hope you understand

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