The secret behind the user experience in the nternet environment is not loyalty to the brand, but l

often hears that consumers are becoming smarter and more choosy; price appeal seems to be no longer valid; sometimes they may find that they spend more money on other products. A friend to chat in the online shopping Master said bluntly, she is now more and more love to buy things in Tmall, Taobao compared to mart she felt more security, logistics and customer service quality service, even if she needs to pay more than the Taobao on the market a little higher price. In fact, not only online shopping, we will have a similar experience in reality, we not only pursue cheap, but higher quality or service. While some enterprises competition has not only in the price war, but to give consumers more than the usual services such as restaurants, some customers queuing for free manicure, foot bath, thrush, fruit, games and other services, in fact, it may not taste better than in other countries. But why? Some "super value" services make consumers feel more and more like god.

man competition will have a better user experience

if there is no competition, I’m afraid it can not be a good user experience. The user experience can be understood as the beginning of the product or service information from the user, until the completion of the purchase and enjoy the whole process of after-sales service experience. This user experience, I understand, contains three aspects: product service, use function experience, purchase process experience, and after-sales experience. With the rapid development of e-commerce under the Internet, allowing users to buy through the Internet to the country and even the world’s products, breaking the previous restrictions on regional consumption. For example, we used to buy an electric fan, perhaps in the town, or downtown, even further away, that is, the surrounding cities. And we have to pay quite a bit of travel costs for cross city purchases, but when our choices are not so rich, our requirements for the experience are only functional products or prices, or a little better. Sometimes it’s possible to put up with a bad attitude for cheaper prices. But we can be in the Jingdong, Taobao now, one shop on the platform of tens of thousands of sellers to buy, and the price of service at a glance, can also return a replacement. Especially when there is no special requirement on the performance of the product, the service experience will undoubtedly become a very important chip. At the same time, businesses in order to win the competition, need to do everything possible to improve the user experience, so that users feel comfortable. So we will see 7 days no reason to return, 30 days replacement, 2-3 hours lightning service and other selling points appear. The Internet has smoothed the walls and borders of competition, accelerating competition, and the user’s experience has been improved.

man user loyalty to the brand and more is their own experience

, I agree, that the Internet is re defining brands, and that brands will no longer fascinate and worship like religion, and that consumers value their experiences and feelings more. We all know that the Internet is becoming centralized, and everyone can form their own center, and more and more show their personality, consumers will pay more attention to themselves, pay attention to product services, rather than this product >

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