7 factors influencing Baidu’s ranking

Baidu ranking, this is a commonplace problem, and only in-depth understanding of Baidu ranking algorithm in order to better for Baidu ranking optimization, through a long time of exploration, we accumulated experience:

1, whether the domain name contains keywords (Chinese characters are pinyin or transliteration English words)

2, page title, title is keyword enrichment (must include the word to search, the more accurate the better)

web title (< title>), the title of the article (< h1>); must contain keywords, the more accurate, the greater the impact is almost a decisive role.

3, the site of the site, age

The longer the site of the

site, the higher the weight given by Baidu, the site’s age in the rankings greatly affected. The age of the site is counted by the time Baidu is included in the site. For example: www.jl2sche.cn domain name registration period is 2008.04.06, and it is enabled and Baidu was included in the date is 2008.12.23, then to now the site’s age is only half a year.

4, domain name suffix is also more important

typically different domain types, Baidu also gives different weights, followed by:.Edu,.Gov,.Org,.Com,.Net,.Cn, so conditional or apply for a good number of domain names.

5, the external link of the website,

external links are important for any search engine.

6, website size, website block and article number

Baidu has always been especially trusting of big websites. Classification plate more, the content of the plate more substantial, Baidu to give the higher the weight.

7, site type is also important,

, for example, the government, schools, media and other types of Web site weight is relatively high,

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