Promotion method suitable for improving website weight and image

, whether it’s an independent blog or a blog built on a web portal, is helpful in promoting your own web site, and the A5 blog alliance explains the benefits of blogging using stories and experiences.

first of all, the biggest highlight is soft text promotion, the current users prefer is video promotion and soft text promotion, such promotion is the least effort, and the most efficient way. The best example is the recent Hu Ge video to the Alibaba new video: President thrown shoes trigger a bloody battle, this is just a trailer on the Internet by users crazy reproduced, then wait a few days after the official video, we can think about is how the effect will be. Soft Wen is one of the best examples "kill Wang Laoji", "Wang Laoji, you are cruel! Dare to donate one hundred million, is 200 times of Wang Shi! In order to control the arrogance of the enterprises, the supermarket buy light Wang Laoji! One can buy a pot!" just a few words, both the expression of key factors — donations. With the purpose of marketing – purchase, and use the extremely provocative words — blocked, caused massive spread in large scale, Wang Laoji’s revenue also take over three times as much as the brand image is greatly improved.

, the Internet is copied from the past, copied from the past, is simply the best promotion opportunities blog promotion. Blog alliance has implemented several shameless soft Wen promotion. To help customers in their peer communication crazy inside forum, blog link to customer sites, but also enhance the indirect weight to the site, then for an independent to open shop to bring thousands of reverse connection, the image of his own brand has been greatly improved, to rely on the credibility of the site for dinner, this is their most desired effect. Of course, soft Wen promotion, not just for promotion and promotion. Soft Wen, want to let others happy to help you promotion, natural have to useful to others, just to help the user, interesting, controversial, can move them, is good soft wen.

from the perspective of the promotion of soft case, first of all to have a high quality of soft Wen, here just soft, soft and not just to find a related article, minor changes as well, but the need for writing with their own site features, if you can’t write to make professional writers. This A5 blog alliance has been a columnist for writing for, due to certain areas of the familiar, the more easily accepted by the user and the initiative to spread, soft Wen to have these characteristics: first, to help others, content to be interesting, to write more than 99% people, 1% for themselves, not all 90% is the boast of his own, the whole of the 10% people so useless. The second is to promote, let more users participate in the discussion, pay attention to this information. This A5 blog alliance can do all of it, not only has a high quality soft Wen, and even on the domestic web site coverage, such as SINA, QQ, 163, SOHU and so on. This kind of advantage has helped greatly to enhance the brand image of your website, and combine the high quality blog

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