Blog road – impeccable

blog (Blog), a circle All the world knows. noun; as lightweight personal communication and self display platform, many owners have fascinated, not only because it is recording and sharing of personal space, but more is behind the huge economic interests, let a person envy. Many webmasters have played more or less independent blogs, but there are few really big, famous people who play.

I don’t have much time to contact blogs, but it’s important for someone to influence me. Loose brother (really want to date. I should be called uncle, but I feel a little brother called the kind) is the webmaster circle less famous small media, in contact with the website or in-depth understanding of the Internet, there will be an understanding of him. Lu Songsong is now the webmaster circle celebrities, also depends on his 6 years has been adhering to the blog spirit! From the beginning to record life from the media Hot Blog now, step by step, use the time to prove yourself, it is this stick, made brilliant achievements in the present.

to tell you the truth, I don’t need any technology for blogging. I’ve never learned a professional system from blogging to online operations, and I’ve got two words. Just contact site when I was a rookie, younger age, no money, nothing when they love love to build a website with some free station system, the time is just add your own name and number QQ in the template, we have been very satisfied. Slowly, more contacts, and when you have nothing to do on the Internet to find a variety of site information, with the accumulation of knowledge, the free web site system has been unable to meet my needs. I remember very clearly, I bought the first virtual host, I spent 20 yuan in Taobao to buy, the deadline is 1 years, but I just spent less than 4 months.

at first I just wanted to build a forum, can hold all kinds of articles, and communicate with a friend to discuss, but slowly, I feel my own shortcomings, the forum required far beyond my ability, the overall layout of the forum dazzled me, the intricacies of the whole classification catalogue finally, I confused and disoriented, I decided to give up the forum, find another way. A casual browsing, you see small and convenient blog, which makes me interested in, that is when I first contact the blog system, the first time to build their own blog, until now.

blog do now I’m stuck in, from the shell to more than 30 friends of the chain now, more or less every day someone will come to visit Baidu, Google on the blog is very friendly, anyway, all is to insist, is the kind of dropping wears the stone matter! Some people see my blog this article will be Baidu search, so I can only tell you: I in December officially entered the blog industry (referred to in the case because the domain name is registered at the blog, so will give up), a new blog domain name is composed of Feng Zhi Yong Pinyin, and.Cn is the domestic.

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