Talking about the experience of student station building

I am a grassroots webmaster, and also a student, has been groping on the network for nearly 2 years, built a free resources on the website, talk about my site experience. If you are a rookie, please come in, please. If you are a master, I don’t think you need to read it.

I summed up, for students, the main site is divided into the following steps:

1. site selection,

, this is what you think before you do it. "What websites should I do?"". I think mainly according to their own interests to do, do not catch any hot, just do what. Because a student does not have much time to maintain the website.

2. domain name selection

I do not advocate

registered a new domain name, because now remember a domain name or a short domain name are registered by others, and the new domain name search engine included slow, is not easy to apply for advertising, such as: Googel advertising requires the above website for 6 months, can go to buy cheaper, ename the domain name. I spent 80 yuan to buy, two domain names.

3. host selection

student station usually use the virtual host, because it is cheap, if you want to make money, do not recommend the use of free space, free because the host is not stable, online time is "three days of fishing, two days". Site just a bit of traffic bar, may not be able to board in second days. Now host business so much, which is good? Of course, those well-known host providers to provide the host, we can not afford, and I have a method for your reference:

first find some websites with the same nature as your website, analyze their website’s Alexa rankings, and the daily IP and PV. If IP and PV are over 10000, and high ranking, the good domain name to view IP through, through the IP can find the host, the price is reasonable, then in the search engine search users to comment on the host. That’s how I found the hosting of the sleepwalking technology.

4. site selection program

because you are not a network programmer, so Web applications don’t need you, you will be as long as the installation site program on OK, Chinese station to download a source, with appropriate modifications, can be installed. It’s best to use the PHP version. Of course, want to be a webmaster, you can not understand advanced network programming language, but you have to have at least HTML, div+css ah.

5. website content update

every day to keep update two articles, of course, the updated content is original, so as to attract the attention of search engines, of course, here is not the original, absolutely original, can be collected, but must modify the content and title.


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