West master hamburger we are still a nternet CoHuang Baohua 2010 most recommended Taobao customer q

two, Taobao mall revision top navigation increased Amoy brand, brand shops, famous shoes Museum, Hongkong Museum, points exchange, adjusted the entire category layout

one, Amoy brand resources

, this is a new exciting forward direction. Meng Bing also concluded a new ideal of life: "we are not simply open a hamburger shop. The Internet into the traditional industry is a big trend, there are many opportunities, we just chose the point that we most easily grasp as a breakthrough."

three attributes: outstanding people, outstanding goods, excellent service,

two, Taobao alliance home quality shopkeeper

from the above we can see that the Amoy brand is a column with attitude, and placed in the first Taobao mall navigation we have reason not to promote the Amoy brand inside the shop? It is obvious to us Amoy brand team selected high-quality dispensers, I also found a special guest for the Taobao brothers a Taobao guest website built Amoy brand.

sh419 enviable abandon high paying jobs, several "buddy code to switch to selling a hamburger. More surprising is that this gene has Internet Co hamburger shop popular. Every afternoon, the store will be a long queue of hundreds of people, and even customers came from Ji’nan high-speed rail line here.

four, sh419 K, Taobao guest API event,

look at the major changes Taobao made in 2010,

three, Taobao Alliance Community revision

there are many other adjustments left over here… Such as Amoy Japan, Juhuasuan and so on. Why is it mentioned at the beginning, through which you can find that the adjustment of the Taobao alliance and Taobao will disappear every year?. But there will also be a large number of them.

mentioned above the Taobao store is chosen by the Amoy brand official team, the quality of Taobao alliance home is undoubtedly Taobao union treasurer on the second category you give us selection out, but also an important second the same update up shop we are very worthy of promotion.

West master and founder Luo Gaojing Meng soldiers remember is: the first day of opening, originally planned to sell the day 1200 hamburger sold out at 11 in the morning. "Everyone was very excited, we adhere to the hamburger play, proved to be a market."

Internet ideas practice traditional industry


three, brand shop

, "the biggest inspiration for sh419 is that you have to put users and products in front of you."." Luo Gaojing previously worked at sh419 mobile phone search, sh419 products are the ultimate pursuit of the details it impressed him, "such as check the weather in Beijing, as long as you in sh419 mobile phone input weather system will be based on your location information, display the weather in your city."

entered in 2010, for a long time did not write off the Taobao share in the whole article, in the first half of 2010 are busy, but I still pay close attention to the Taobao customer every day, just not in the mood to write something. I think it’s better to share what you share, and to write something if you like. Review the important events of Taobao in 2010.

two, Taobao alliance official home line gradually abandoned Ali mom brand

also, Luo takakage and Meng Bing hamburger special attention to the details of the products, and to develop accurate parameter indicators, such as 12 cm in diameter, for breakfast, one is enough. If >

three and June in the Taobao mall home, added 3F shoes, meaning living museum

brand shop which contains all the major brands, there are sales counters online under the brand, basically are the traditional industries to enter the field of electronic commerce, promotion of these shops brand advantage is that they have a certain reputation, customer to connect >

, in their view, sell at the old club hamburger and sh419 do in fact not what is not the same: all the details at the continuous improvement of the user experience, allowing users to get the best service in the shortest period of time, "we’re still a Internet Co."

this is called West master hamburger shop has opened less than two weeks, has been in the circle and the media played a staggering accumulation of popularity. What are the secrets behind its popularity,

some people feel very ashamed to open hamburger shop. "But it depends on what you can make of it," Meng said. Some people will make it a stall, their goal is to make high-end chain brands.

one, blue ocean and blue whale project

Meng Bing summed up their four play: product thinking, focusing on R & D, rapid iteration, user experience first – these are also the sh419 Inc’s long-term formation of basic methodology and values.

, they identify former boss sh419 CEO Robin Li put forward "Internet thinking"". Robin Li once said, "look at traditional industries from an Internet point of view, and you’ll find too many things to do."." In 2008, Robin Li also predicted that there would be no special Internet Co in the future, and all companies would use the Internet to do business.


a, Taobao home page several small adjustments this is necessary, as long as everyone pay attention to where each adjustment has been possible

Amoy brand: we through the field inspection, selection of quality products and services provided by the mall independent brand merchants, standardized training lost to the broad masses of consumers.

hamburger four new play

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