Talk about how Taobao customers use the world cup surrounding products to make moneyThe ten predicte

experienced people know, whether it is holiday or event, which will contain great opportunities. For sellers is an opportunity for us, Taobao, of course, ten good opportunities. Now I’ll take the world cup as an example.

but that goal has now largely fallen through. As of December 13, 2016, the national total box office was only 42 billion 500 million yuan. The remaining more than 10 days, the box office is not only difficult to create miracles, but may continue to fall below expectations. Recently released blockbuster, the highest expected value of "the Great Wall" was Tucao flooded, opened high and low, four days harvest 500 million box office. That is to say, the national total box office in 2016 will not be much higher than in 2015, basically no growth.

first of all, we should be clear about what products to be promoted during the world cup. It’s easy to think of World Cup football, jerseys, theme T-shirts, and a lot of products about the world cup. As early as last year, I began to increase the world cup surrounding products, and have a good ranking. For example, with the World Cup World Cup mascot Zakumi, badge now the search has a good ranking. Make money is certainly not enough, after thinking I wrote an article called "the 2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt brand shop online shopping" article, sh419 search "2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "World Cup theme T-shirt" can be in the first or the first few page. This has a very good traffic on the search engine. At the same time, the article was also reprinted by an administrator of a famous forum.

from the digital point of view, the Chinese film market in the first two years of rapid growth. In 2014, the national film total box office was 29 billion 600 million yuan, and in 2015 the national total film box office reached 44 billion yuan, an increase of 48%. Under the general optimistic expectation, the industry shouted the slogan that the movie box office broke through 60 billion yuan in 2016.

finally talk about Weibo, micro-blog’s marketing value is difficult to imagine. Go to the next Sina scarf, search can search to "Amoy arena" and "1688 wholesale" have a lot of fans. Imagine what effect every Alibaba staff has on a meeting. Some brands, such as a flower brand, have reached tens of thousands of fans. Take the world cup, for example, you can do the placement ads through pictures, or release some special events in the world cup free gifts and the like, it will not cause resentment. Micro-blog is the best place for Internet marketing, product placement, customer service and branding, and its business value is enormous. Maybe you can apply for a scarf, ready to do for the future. < >

has never been able to share experience, but it’s on the spur of the moment. It says how to make money from the world cup. Personal opinion, for reference only.

Chinese Internet industry usher in a wave of mergers and acquisitions, the most tantalising suspense is undoubtedly associated with drops and Uber China will go on a routine or Sike down. Soon after the incorporation of Chinese drops in the market has been obviously a dominant trend, but Uber still play very thick, between the two sides of the subsidy war is still deadlocked, and also came at the sh419 promotion and easy to merge news. In 2015 October, Liu, vice president of Uber, China, made it clear in an interview that "many mergers are only market consolidation.". However, I can’t see the trend of consolidation for product technology companies…… So we won’t consider merging." Chinese car market seems to be from the "Warring States era" into "the dispute between Chu and han".

prophecy 1: drops and Uber won’t merge

After the 2015

in the mobile Internet after the investment hot spots, cultural entertainment is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of concern. Among them, the film is a benchmarking industry, investment enthusiasm is extremely high.

about how to get a good ranking from the search engine, I’m definitely not an expert, do not say more. Websites alone may not have a good ranking. Whether or not there is a list of numbers, then we will publish the article or related articles in the blog, forum. Some well-known forums weight is very high, everyone knows, but direct advertising is what you are clear. How to send it will not be blocked, that is, send pictures, or the so-called soft text. Skills or their own pondering, or that sentence, I am definitely not an expert.

for the Waterloo film market, the industry analysis of the many reasons, the relevant departments have said that the box office box office management fraud, statistics of the moisture is squeezed out; some people say that is because online shopping channels significantly reduce subsidies, guide.

however, in August 1, 2016 after repeatedly denied, and Uber drops suddenly announced on both sides of the merger: Uber Chinese drops in the bag, while Uber holds 20% of the shares drops into the relationship between both sides, interconnected. After the two companies quickly launched integration, consuming billions of dollars, the car market officially ended the war. At the end of September, Liu Zhenfa announced his resignation letter inside.

from the single box office view, in 2016 many "blockbuster" is also far below expectations, "Jue trace" finally box office 480 million, "I’m not Pan Jinlian" 440 million. In the past few years, one billion of the cases were gone.

prophecy 1: the cultural entertainment market broke out and the movie box office was 60 billion

then talk about sh419 know, the reason why the individual out of the lecturer, in order to emphasize the importance of sh419 know. I don’t know whether other people have done any research or not, but tell me about some of my observations. Search for "World Cup theme T-shirt", you will find that the first row is sh419 know. Most of the time, sh419 knows it will be in the first place. Seize this opportunity will bring a lot of traffic.

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