Beginner do you know how to make myself betterNovice learning need the spirit of Wangzhuan

novice and novice home is different, for example: a novice like a wolf, a novice like a newborn bird.

at the same time, I have always firmly believed in one sentence: "no failure, just a temporary failure!"

network is rich in nutrition, if you learn to take the initiative to learn, not to die, the essence of all network into your mind, and then extended the ideas, and strive to practice the


well, this kind of new type belongs to the wolf, as we like the wolf! You will become the master of our Wangzhuan! Is hungry, undefeated! So do the network needs to have the spirit of "wolf! We Wangzhuan community" naming also contains the meaning of.

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Ma Yunceng said a word: "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful.". But most people die tomorrow night.

328998928’s wolf Mobei community please indicate Wangzhuan


2. find a good teacher, you make money and technology thinking truly teach the teachers, and it may be hard to find, the teacher must charge, but you have to remember, free is always the most expensive, even if you use other free templates are not good for others to add a few links? Find the charges the teacher is very easy, the key is to find the money to make money can also teach you the teacher, there are a lot of online fraud, do not blindly learning, because he couldn’t teach you the real technology, examine their own good, look at other people’s evaluation, use sh419 Search, what are the……

is not for you!The

may now some friends of children Wangzhuan industry can not find the direction, feeling very confused, not successful, did not make any money, but I believe that one day, the wolf we will succeed, can earn a lot of money

will everywhere foraging, complementary knowledge, expand their energy! And birds will only open their mouths to feed their people first.

we do Wangzhuan novice, but the future of the network we have half the sky

as a beginner, you are not feeling every day in confusion, do a lot of others to do the rest of the project, you can earn a few bucks? Very distressed, very depressed, you once lost confidence, but you know what to do, because you don’t know my way in where, you should do what, so even if you insist on, even if you have perseverance, you can only blind search, this is probably a lot of beginner confusion, as a novice, you need to do the following:


this is the bird type, if you do, then I advise you, leave Wangzhuan Wangzhuan industry!!

3. always remember to learn sh419 do not know a topic to use sh419 Search, there are many solutions you don’t know, but sh419 know, so don’t blind yourself in that study, make good use of the experience of others will make you more effective, otherwise the time has to look at the closed door through, China You’ll see. blockade he is such a foolish thing, always remember to learn from others, you are just one person, not arrogant, you may not have the ability to fight with experience.

!Another difference is that the

5. do Wangzhuan, you should always remember, others to help you, you must first help others, no one has the obligation to help you, so if you give to others when you help others, the problem will also help you, others will not think their selfless dedication of money tips.

what does that mean,

in the forum, Q group asked everywhere, "which master took me?" "who has a good project"… Just waiting for someone to feed you.

it means that everything should be done with perseverance. Success can be achieved with perseverance!

1. holds one or several foreign technology, can be a station, can be SEO in online marketing, but you will need to have their own technology, have their own core competitiveness, you are always working for others, you will never escape from being cheap labor out of fate, so do Wangzhuan before to learn a technology, the technology is not important to make money, but if you even do not know what is the HTML language, you don’t even know how to send the anchor text, just imagine what you earn money!


is the hope that each do Wangzhuan friends have the spirit!! of course, there is another wolf is not the same with other local populations, that is: the wolf team consciousness is very strong, the wolves of the big family, each wolf are very conscientious and disciplined, I hope to help each other… We are not only a forum is a good team and family! Everybody can help each other and jointly enhance the ability of

best to send you a sentence: "executive power is the first productive force of wealth!"


4. found one of your study partners, you can learn the depth promotion as your learning breadth may be promoted ten times, more exchanges, you will not be what others may, you will be what others may not, so the exchange will broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge of you. You can use the experience of others for their own detours, find partners is very simple, when you add the Wangzhuan group chat with you very congenial can be your partner, but should pay attention to prevention……

master and me can not adhere to the

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