Novice how to open Taobao shop, my those sad thingsTalking about the outlet of new Taobao guest webs

before quitting, I saw some Taobao novice shop in the online tutorial, understand that as individuals, the best way is to set up shop in Taobao, standing on the shoulders of giants, what, the start is also high, if set up their own independent shop, the investment is high, and is not popular.

so, I will open the magic and skills they know through general, but the effect is not good, in addition to the familiar people to take care of business, new orders are not many, my monthly profit is down at hundreds of pieces, which did not count the money yahuo…… Therefore, every day mom drives me to find a job, said that looking for a job than the hundreds of pieces of money ah! I had a headache, I shop to make money, how to open up their own not so much, I began to doubt, it is swollen? What is the Taobao

two, from the soft start, to promote a chain and grow yourself.


one day, I bought two pairs of shoes at a five bit Taobao store, so I made it up to him. "Pro, your service is good, the price is cheap, and the business is so good. What’s the secret?" the owner may have been flattered and in a good mood, so he asked me with concern about my store. I sent the address of the shop >

in front of the shop, I also considered a Master monthly online shopping online shopping, the amount of at least more than 1000 of course, there are friends to buy, although not a prodigal, but it is quite obsessed with online shopping. Slowly, I found that the price of the shop and the store is really a little different, no wonder online shopping is so hot. Thus, the idea of opening shop slowly began to emerge.


slowly, I began to talk with some other business owners, of course, particularly good business people are online shop owner with crown reputation, busy, never talk to me, but the business is not how, like me, are in bitter shop business, it is Similarly afflicted people pity each other. talk however, the fundamental problem is not solved.

many players are complaining, and now it’s not good to buy links and signature links. First of all, I would like to call the webmaster as "contestant", because the station is really fierce, and secondly, the rules of sh419 are also changing with each passing day, and it makes people feel confused, and really let the webmaster have suffering words. But you can be sure that an original article is popular at any time. Some people will say that their hair on the Internet is all original, but included is not good. That’s the point. It’s not that spiders don’t like originality, but because

I cite a simple example, now many people do "Taobao" and "taobao women’s autumn" and so on, which brings taobao women’s autumn "traffic every day tens of thousands of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of peaks. New Adsense look jealous, I want a piece, he will own the words of new guest program plus "taobao women’s autumn", in fact, these words in vain, even that is equal to the rank on the first page of the silent service for the keywords, because of the numerous "taobao women’s autumn" word in the network, is in the word increase with the increase of weight, the weight of words, is undoubtedly the users in the input when the faster "taobao women’s autumn" word, let users click on the search results, would like to know is what? Are you? The answer is definitely No. While digging a brand, not many people do, and Taobao online and the product, and whether this product is now online hot is not hot, you should treasure, and ultimately determine the generation of the word when you feel that the most worthwhile, then you will succeed more than 80%.

resigned, said dry, because before the senior Taobao buyers, so online registration of their own Taobao shop is not difficult. After registering, I checked the Taobao shop again to make sure it was OK. I started adding products — I sold them in women’s clothing.

happens to have friends in the clothing wholesale market. I take the goods and sell them on the shelves. Every day I use , Wangwang to send messages to people I know, and let them come to the store, the price is definitely cheaper than any other home. At first it was OK. A few friends made orders because they were out of care, or they really thought they were cheap and fine. I also asked them to give me favorable comments, so that later users will buy more trust.

did not make money business, who is not willing to do, is to be found a little while, sooner or later will not dry. So, we do the purpose is to make money, and for Taobao customers, to achieve profitability is the key to improve the quality of traffic flow have included, so how to ensure the flow stability and growth? Of course, the first condition is to rely on search and search, and mainly depend on the main flow of sh419. The same words, the same ranking position, source sh419 brought traffic is much higher than other search engines, and even bring total than other search engines more several times. So, we do rankings, the main thing is to optimize sh419 rankings.

at the beginning of 2013, due to a dispute with the company under the direct leadership of a small woman, resolutely resigned. Of course, the reason for the resignation is not just because of the dispute, as early as a few months ago, I was thinking of opening a Taobao shop, so you can quit after you quit……

ranking good, natural high flow and high flow, however, the inevitable competition, Taobao customer resources are becoming less and less, more and more Amoy, 1000 today, 10000 people may do tomorrow, this cake become less and less, the key is mining almost, even a lot of the long tail word resources are used. So what we have to do is to have a bigger cake in front of so many people now.

first, starting with the brand, to optimize a brand and develop themselves.

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