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from the line to the next line extension is Cai Yuedong to judge the content of the next direction of entrepreneurship, "the second half has just begun, the flow of dividends in the next industry slowly disappear, there will be more in the content integration, entrepreneurs should combine more closely with the industry," Cai Yuedong said.

August, IDG capital announced the establishment of a $100 million scale after 90 venture fund. Xiong Xiaoge is looking for a Zuckerberg in China after 90 entrepreneurs. On the second day of the celebration, Xiong Xiaoge sang a song "on the road", which makes the presence of 90 entrepreneurs sun Yuchen was very moved, he said: "I think a big brother can do."

December 8th, the listed company Legg Mason culture announced that its controlling shareholder holding Mason to 217 million yuan, the acquisition of a 72.5% stake in fellow culture. Fellow uncle Cai Yuedong, through the transaction, cash 178 million yuan.

in order to realize this ideal, after graduation, Xiong Xiaoge did not want to teach school, but to Beijing when the English translation. After two postgraduate exams, I finished the English editing and cataloging work of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in the final third.

the baby face, returnees background, tenor comparable professional venture capital heavyweights of the "financial" reporters to sing what song which mountain, 90 played, IDG should also follow this help the kids to start again.

As a spokesperson for the zodiac culture,

Cai Yuedong has been in business since the beginning of the third year of the big three, "fellow" from a micro-blog large to an almost all ecology, involving online and offline industry chain content company.

"I am currently still responsible comrades of products line core ideas and online content creation, also began looking for high-quality entrepreneurial projects" for the Legg Mason holdings, Cai Yuedong said.

‘s second half of content Entrepreneurship: a deep mix of content and industry

, Kepler, the most representative figure in Greek culture, has only landed a position as a royal astrologer with his own astrological techniques.

23 years after

a lot of people will understand Cai Yuedong to sell shares to cash to cash out, but Cai Yuedong has said this is a misreading, at least at this stage, he will still participate in fellow uncle hereinafter referred to as the "fellow" the core operation of the entire creative brand, currently his title is vice president and fellow directors holding Mason, culture.

, more than 400 years later, a young man called "fellow uncle" called his own financial freedom.

in the same type of derivatives in China

crazy gene

is highly respected because the constellation culture has penetrated into every aspect of young people’s lives.

will open?

was holding Legg Mason successful holding, how is the content of the second half of the entrepreneurial fellow uncle

"this is not necessary, because the line will eventually fall into a specific physical product," said, the new CEO of the fellow uncle, referring to the cup in front of him. At the same time, he also believes that this is inevitable. "It may take years for traditional brands to play brands, but it’s easier and more efficient to move from a net to a traditional one."".

in 1977, China resumed college entrance examination. Xiong Xiaoge was admitted to Hunan University as an English major. At that time, the Middle East is in a period of war, Xinhua News Agency reporters sent every day wonderful battlefield reports, so that Xiong Xiaoge began to have a keen interest in reporters.

at the Academy of Social Sciences, Xiong Xiaoge writes more diligently than ever. One of his students, a Social Science Institute, recalled that when people were nervous, they all ran to teach English. "Money is quick and easy, but bears >"

Xiong Xiaoge was born in Hunan, Xiangtan, an ordinary family, his father is a cadre of Xiangtan iron and steel works, he was 15 years old, instead of his father into the factory, became an electrician, this is his childhood wish.

soon, Xiong Xiaoge devoted himself to investment, after 90 sunshine tour, he once again on his own, believe in, "dare to gamble, always take all."".

Abstract: "fellow" new chapter CEO Jinyuan Tsinghua alumni fellow, in the school when they live in the same dormitory, they will understand, "fellow" COO fan sun is Tsinghua alumni, he was in school when he and Cai Yuedong contact more, Jinyuan is 10 class, fellow is 09.

and limited to the online image has been unable to meet fellow uncle, in his view, from line to line, is the second half of content entrepreneurship.

IDG is still at its peak. Under the auspices of Xiong Xiaoge, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Ji Qi, Mo found in IDG business days. The first wave of the Internet wave, with more than 30 Internet Co listed, they have hundreds of billion billionaires. No one has ever achieved such a success in china.

founded IDG capital, Xiong Xiaoge once again stood at a new starting point.

, but most of them stay until 2005. In recent years, Xiong Xiaoge has calmed down. Outside he is a safe, good planning of the people. Some of his investment projects are gradually withdrawn, during which some star projects, SouFun and 91 wireless, but these deficiencies in order to prop up Xiong Xiaoge’s ambitions and ambitions. More than once, he said, investing in a bull company can be a big pleasure.

is steady and crazy, often interwoven in Xiong Xiaoge’s body, if you ignore these, you can not fully understand him. "He’s always interested in the next view. Even now, he’s still trying to move on." The people around him said.

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