Website promotion Seven Magicad4all regulations on invoicing of members

in addition, AD, please join the league with poison , poison every day to help you broadcast the latest news of the union.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

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distinguished League members, hello everyone!

home construction is completed, the website promotion work should begin. If you do not carry out home page publicity, no one will find your home page, then you work hard to build a web site for what? The following is my summary of the website promotion seven magic weapons:

1. direct recommend to friends and relatives

2. in search engine registration

search source of engine users to find the information you need the most important, the success of the Yahoo has eloquently illustrates this point. Because of this, search engines are also the best camp for website owners to promote. There are three ways to register in a search engine:

1. active search engine website registrationYou can find the "registration website"

in many search engines on the website, click on the link to add your site record. However, to remind you, some search engine website does not have a "registration website" link, but only to the directory below. Most search engines can be used this way to register, such as YAHOO Chinese, travel etc..

2. for search engines to automatically search for registration

3. by batch submission software or web service


1 of the city of Beijing: "Beijing machine for service industry, entertainment industry, culture and sports industry special invoice"

note: the invoice must be stamped on XX province XX city XX District Local Taxation Bureau on behalf of the development of dedicated seal above

three, the contents of invoice:

5 the seals must be XX advertising company

five, invoice for membership payment process:

2, such as delayed offer membership invoice, miss 20 per month payment date, alliance will focus on a payment upon receipt of a valid invoice matching when the week on Friday.

six, the above provisions from 2007-8-01

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