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as the first domestic fifth generation incubator model practitioner, run the bay to entrepreneurship training oriented, based on the "entrepreneurial nursery" and "pre hatching stage, has become a very important creating community ecological enterprise services in a ring.

in January 28, 2016 officially launched the HOLLEY creating community, with "wisdom industry", "industry wisdom", the difference to create "innovation incubator accelerator – – – New Industrial Park – industrial ecology" business industry ecological service system. Today Xiaobian and HOLLEY share a customer community for innovation and entrepreneurship projects / business attractive – "Xinmiao incubator".

      to reflect the strong current of social consumption, unknown trick SMS chargeback, the price tag is not bad, the information content, false advertising and other five kinds of problems, the requirements of all communications authority to establish the local SP business record of bad behavior notification system is processed by SP to the public in a timely manner to the community.

vertical incubation

      it is understood that the record of bad behavior should include: illegal business name, license number, name, legal representative, business access code access by the operator name, illegal content time, place, behavior, administrative processing results and other information.

is located in HOLLEY create customer community – cloud cube’s embellish Bay creates guest center, it is one of the most important hatching and hatching platforms for the guest community. The center emerged in May 20, 2015, first as the HOLLEY group in the internal staff to create customized "wisdom, raise financing, raise people" platform; active participation and strong focus on external partners in the internal staff, is both compatible in September 28, 2015 officially upgraded, to create a joint with professional bodies, vertical type incubators industry ecosystem and ecosystem services for the characteristics of the. In the physical space configuration, the HOLLEY created a community of 997 square meters of entrepreneurial space.

is based on the vertical incubation model of Chong Wan Sheng guest center, and the HOLLEY industry system has been born out of a series of vertical incubation base. Baoqi intelligent automobile industry incubator and Hua Zhengxin wood space public record is one of the two typical cases.

industry platform builder


fifth generation incubator exploration and practitioner

Baoqi intelligent automobile industry incubation base listing ceremony

      to strengthen the access management responsibilities of basic telecommunications companies, all communications authority in the public enterprise SP record of bad behavior at the same time, the local basic telecommunications companies access to SP enterprise is administrative processing and the number of correct information to the public together. During the investigation of the focus on remediation of illegal SP enterprises will be the first record of bad behavior, Ofcom will be in July 15th before the announcement to the society.


was founded in January 26, 2016 the Baoqi intelligent automobile industry incubator.

is different from the traditional investment and incubator, and the "embellish bay" is the first to construct the industrial ecosphere, and then to connect with the entrepreneurial team and the project. As far as entrepreneurial teams are concerned, embellish Bay not only provides an ecosystem of entrepreneurial services, but also provides an industrial ecosystem that can be landed. Run Bay on the one hand adhering to the "let business easier" service purposes, on the other hand, the use of incubation "double ecology" to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises.

docking, resources and team management mechanism, the wisdom of the public to raise, resource integration, incubation mode, run Bay has five major characteristics: the Internet Ecosystem specific resources, severe vertical integration will come out, everyone from the depth of the depression in the liberation of entrepreneurial intellectual capital to provide full open O2O platform, providing innovation and entrepreneurship a comprehensive platform, leveraging the full depth of incubation.

long run Bay hit off center

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