This year, the new three layered system formally implemented on the not up, here are some small sugg

another 39 companies added to the list.


to tell the truth, the new board layer let many people still slightly pessimistic, this is due to the liquidity problems of long criticized, in the subsequent institutions do not earn money, nobody will also play, liquidity will be getting worse.

once analysts believe that once the enterprise into the innovation layer, the probability of voluntary surrender will be relatively low, while the withdrawal of Jiuding group, may be due to its business model adjustment and regulators failed to reach an agreement. Jiuding exit also means that private institutions will be no one into the first innovation layer.

Beijing search network technology Limited by Share Ltd because of the company’s customers and investors report reflects the existence of corporate governance is not perfect, internal control and other non-compliance issues, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment will be a innovation listed company list.


MARS contest in the game, the scale of investment, support, professional ability, range of industries, such as the number of entries, has become China’s most influential business competition, forming a perfect entrepreneur selection, incubation and display platform. 2016MARS competition in summing up the experience of the past three competitions on the basis of the upper storey. The whole game will last for 3 months, is expected to have come from nearly 50 city nationwide thousands of entrepreneurial team participation, competition will be divided into registration, auditions, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals will be training, six links, which will be interspersed with a few special. This competition’s cooperation organization lineup is over the past. Through the establishment of the sponsor, CO sponsored, contributing partners, strategic partners and other components of the system of cooperation, set up a consists of more than 100 investment institutions, 100 commercial institutions, 100 entrepreneurs and investors MARS strategic alliance, offers a wide range of industry resources for outstanding entrepreneurs.

recently held a private tiger sniffing salon, a good faith to discuss various problems of three new board layers, do not make a analysis on the tall and I don’t know, to pick out some views to share, for entrepreneurs.

the Xinjiang torch gas Limited by Share Ltd, Xiamen urban landscape construction Limited by Share Ltd, soca Genesis Jiuding investment management group Limited by Share Ltd and other 3 listed company for voluntary abandon into innovation. According to the "layered management approach", the listed company will adjust the above 3 listed company list of innovation layer.

lianxun securities Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd by Chinese Kaiyuan securities commission agency to take administrative regulatory measures, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment will be a innovation listed company list.

eyes from the rapid recovery of the capital market, in fact, from the stratification system to the beginning of the trend of policy landing, whether or not on the innovation layer, this problem has become a lot of entrepreneurs trouble.

last Friday June 24th evening, the stock transfer system announced a formal list of new three tier innovation layer, 953 companies in the column, compared with the 920 early screening results announced in June 18th, a slight adjustment.

in particular, it is worth mentioning that, MARS competition and the world’s first scientific research institutions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences wholly-owned set of scientific innovation launched a deep cooperation. First of all, MARS competition will be directly introduced into the Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Incubator high-tech start-ups. In addition, the MARS contest will also be in the middle


August 11, 2016 Beijing cattle interactive media Limited by Share Ltd Code: 835998, hereinafter referred to as the "cattle media" announced the 2016 annual MARS Innovation Contest hereinafter referred to as the "MARS competition" will be officially launched in August 25th. The entire competition is expected to last 3 months, and the venture team will be able to display opportunities for professional investment institutions, opinion leaders and consumers at home and abroad, including the main venue and special events platform. At present, more than 100 investment institutions have signed up for this event. More than 100 media outlets have been reported, and more than 100 kinds of cooperative organizations and brands have been established.

today June 27th, the new three board formally implemented the market hierarchy. In fact, in May 27th this year, layered policy landing, the new three board market performance in general, especially the market index has been low innovation.


some people say that the new three board really want to improve liquidity is a matter of minutes, in the innovation layer to reduce the threshold to 2 million or 1 million, liquidity improved immediately. But this is also the last thing the regulatory authorities want to see, because…

multi cow media is a media based, big data, business intelligence as the core of Internet Co. Initiated by the media, many cattle Thomas investment MARS contest began in 2012, aims to select the best technology entrepreneurial team, by giving entrepreneurs most in need of traffic grooming, industry relations, communication ability, financing assistance and other resources, to help them get approval, market capitalization of success. In the past three MARS competitions, a total of more than 2000 entrepreneurial teams from 44 cities participated. Attracted more than 80 investment institutions, more than 100 top investors participation. More than 100 media coverage in all directions. Competition has emerged, the rain doctor 3Glasses, remember, foot ball, big stars such as network accountant, Nuona venture. Winning project financing accumulated more than 2 billion 500 million yuan.

has 6 companies have been adjusted out of the list, the reasons are different: voluntary surrender, administrative supervision and reported:

stratification will not immediately improve the liquidity of three new board

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