Cyberport Hongkong style nternet entrepreneurial dream


Hongkong Cyberport is like an illegitimate child, and Born Under A Bad Sign. In 2000 before the Internet bubble, carrying the dream of the Internet in Hongkong, trying to replicate a Silicon Valley. Born in a bubble, and then after the economic downturn, no one would like to mention the internet. Now the Cyberport wants to play the role of Internet start-ups. From a city’s big internet dream shattered to help entrepreneurs realize the dream of a small Internet, digital port trying to rebuild the confidence of the community through the internet. Huang He (Mobilezine Asia industry analyst)



was established in twenty-first Century at the beginning of the Cyberport, Hongkong left the impression that most of the Hongkong SAR government and the real estate hegemony collusion, marking and indiscriminate use of public resources.

in 2000, when he was Hongkong’s chief executive Dong Jianhua caprice, vigorously promote the information technology industry, the government without the public bidding, the steel line Gulf land premium quality free and Richard Lee PCRD, intended to develop into high-tech centers like Silicon Valley. So they set up a "digital port" and attract international IT bound big business to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, but with the Internet in 2001 and the whole scheme of blasting deterioration, the government’s wishful thinking has crashed to be broken.

Cyberport Internet dream

97 return soon ushered in the Asian financial turmoil, Hongkong property prices fell, many Hong Kong people into negative assets, consumer demand downturn, Hongkong and began to enter a long period of deflation. 2000, Hongkong’s economy as a result of the tide of the Internet seems to be".

from 1999 to 2000, Hongkong does have a large number of Internet related companies, some of the more successful listing. The development of Cyberport is a beautiful picture. However, due to some of the successful listing of Internet Co stocks only, the price earnings ratio was too high, but profitability is not up to expectations, the final Internet bubble burst in 2000, the Internet shares fell. Many Internet Co began layoffs, part be driven out of business or be acquired.

after a long period of time, in addition to sporadic news on the completion of the completion of the real estate projects, which carries the dream of Hongkong Internet Cyberport seems to be slowly forgotten.

entrepreneurs dream of the Internet

After the collapse of the Internet bubble

, large consortia who no longer have confidence in the Internet, whether it is the privatization of delisting or technology business transformation, capital is no longer around the Internet entrepreneurs turn. Over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs still can not find the money, has become Hongkong Internet product development knot.

2010, the new chief executive officer of the Cyberport Zhou Wenyao took office, he hopes the Cyberport development, through a variety of programs to support entrepreneurship, support, business opportunities. > and

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