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second, fill in your address information,

fourth step, fill in the website information, as follows:

      fill in English: website name, URL,

, open a savings account or card to your local bank. The Bank of China has the best current account or card, and so do other banks!

this page is very simple, as long as you know the Chinese characters will be filled out, the user name is your mailbox, fill in, press the "registration" button to enter the second step.

I’m a non technical background, but after thinking of a good idea, I started a business trip. First of all, I found the engineer, let him help me make a sample of the product, so I paid 8% of the equity. After the success of the beta test, he asked for 16k-25k’s monthly salary. I couldn’t afford it, so I started looking for another technical partner. In addition, I met a professor from Standford who asked her to be my consultant. She was experienced and broad in vision. She recommended me a young man who gave me a temporary web site that made him feel like CTO. After I found another engineer, he was so unhappy that he left. After that, Standford’s Professor couldn’t get in touch with me. After a while, I learned that she had been arrested on charges of abducting and selling children. And the engineer that new recruit also puts forward to want to be CTO, after discussing with investor, I can abandon him only. Now I have a good team, and I have a deal. So the things that happened before are still working, but it’s just too much trouble.

      use:   select individual

in addition, the process of decision-making is also very much

in addition to these technical aspects, many times the partner may be your sign, the person who makes the decision with you, and even the pillar of the spirit. Because a lot of the time, entrepreneurship is a lonely road, you need a partner.

the first step, enter the application page: click enter the zanox Chinese application page:

fifth, fill in your website information and fill in this page with note that you should fill it out in English for example,

      simple, needless to say! Click the Save button to move to the next step.

      keywords: in English, and in English comma

so, in some ways, joint ventures are like marriage, but like real marriages, not everyone is successful. The following is the story of some entrepreneurs, because of the relationship with the partner is deadlocked, leading to the problem of Entrepreneurship:

when you start your business for the first time, you have to do a lot of things, and you don’t always have a good command of it. So we often hear that as an entrepreneur you can’t master everything, so entrepreneurs generally will be looking for a partner to create your business partner, you either know or understand the technology, business, or good at sales, or good at engineering etc..

in 2001, I started our marketing company with two other partners. We’ve worked with two companies before, and the main idea for this venture came from me. One of the partners is responsible for creativity, the other is responsible for project management, and I am responsible for sales, and many other operations. But the person in charge of the project management has no experience, often has many problems, and he is also responsible for the accounting work, but also no experience, and not doing well.

      description and target groups: Web content description, in English


details the application steps below,   use the method instructions, see the back!

Story 1:

      at the company’s name, fill in the name of the person you just filled in, click the Save button, and move on to the next step.

zanox is the world famous German network advertising alliance company, in Europe brilliant performance, in many parts of the world with branch offices, because entering the Chinese market soon, so pay more attention to credibility. And Germany’s good reputation has been recognized all over the world. The advertising union uses the euro as the major monetary unit, with a minimum line of payment of 25 euros. As a webmaster, there is no reason to refuse!

story two:

this page asks you which way you want to advertise them. There are websites that can choose "websites", otherwise you can choose " and email "!

third step, fill in tax information,

is the main way to make money:    
1, click on the application type of advertising, the lowest is a click on a penny is RMB 8 cents;  
2, registration, sales commission, the Commission is quite large proportion;  
3 recommend recommend a webmaster webmaster, effective, 2 euros.

lead: entrepreneurship is a lonely road, you need a partner. Joint ventures are like marriage, but like real marriages, not every pair can succeed.

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