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1. major bank card, need to open online banking functions, mainly for the day after the remittance transfer money by

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3. analysis of your own network of contacts is very wide,

analysis can see whether they can do a long payback period of Wangzhuan


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today this article tell you how to do Wangzhuan novice start. First, I feel something and then analysis more efficient to do Wangzhuan, do Wangzhuan before see the following:

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to see how their network of contacts, know you are suitable to do like this kind of guest Wangzhuan


analysis of their own mind do Wangzhuan


find whether do Wangzhuan friends own network circles, Wangzhuan is sometimes the layer of paper, is very simple, but no one is broken, very difficult, is not understand

the main contents of this upgrade are:

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! sh419!With the needs of the

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analysis this is because you will know what to choose which aspects of Wangzhuan

the above analysis of five finished, I want to give you some common items, you will know for what, not all Wangzhuan are for everyone, especially the novice friends, a lot of tutorial that how to make the number of days, finished feel out of the can do actually do, but ignore the operation methods and their own circumstances, and finally most failed. I have seen a lot of friends, just beginning to do Wangzhuan when they are very passionate, but no goal, usually do Huidong, West to the end to do is give up halfway.

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1 has added a new tabbed style: 120*60, which is well suited to new ad sites developed by many sites.

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2. analyzes whether you are a patient person,

more League information is available:

2., caifutong must have, most of the domestic league will support Alipay

4. look at their own network circle didn’t do Wangzhuan friends

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just saw this article "how to start Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice road", this approach mentioned in the text of the heads to try is I don’t agree with, is one who is going to lose out to gain experience, to do Wangzhuan

sh419 alliance development from

respected sh419 affiliate members, Hello:

1. analyze which aspect you are best at,


in front of me two articles "advice" and "make money online novice learning why Wangzhuan tutorial you can’t earn money" I think most novice friends have a certain understanding of wangzhuan. But there are still a lot of friends want to do Wangzhuan but do not know how to start, do not know where to start, many people asked me to add the project, I really, do not make friends, hope to analyze the above article after reading the report.

next to the novice friends to talk about what to do Wangzhuan before things:


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