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factor 1: Home 3 line cities are not, and far from the provincial capital

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I like this side drift friends are very much, such as the familiar Jiang Likun, before talking to him and asked why he was not back home, he always said that because the northeast is home to remote rural areas, the current development of the cause of back. In the case of Jiang Likun, if you want to do offline training, it is true that the environment in Beijing is better, and enrollment is also easier. But if he wants to go back, in fact, you can, such as running their own web site and do online training, this is not too much regional restrictions. But the old River belongs to the pursuit of the cause of the people, therefore, still want the Internet environment the best place to start.

, some people have always adhered to the development in Beijing, a lot of times is forced to helpless. In particular, some of my hometown is a rural university, work out in Beijing. Their hometown may be in the northeast or the west of a remote small mountain village, from the province of 2,3 line, the provincial capital is also a short distance. So you can’t live without Beijing because you can’t find the right job back. Even in a step back to the provincial capital of the province’s work, in fact, far away from home, no sense of belonging, and want to find the right job is not easy. Many provincial capital, 2 line cities are not considered, the Internet working environment is naturally worse.

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one: several factors forced to stay in Beijing

will write this article, because WeChat before the circle of friends to see some of the rest of the media should be developed in Beijing city these IT business, or the way south, you can go to Chengdu, 2 line city of Chongqing and other relatively cheaper places to start. The fun to play network online each one airs his own views, CEO peripheral products have the headquarters moved to Chengdu, to adhere to the natural view 2 line city business better, and Kingsoft CEO because of Fu Sheng has been in Beijing, so that the business in Beijing is the best.

today this article, don’t talk about network promotion experience, talk about side drift, drift in let people understand or not in Beijing under. Why do some people always insist on floating in Beijing, while some people will choose to leave Beijing city?.

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like peripheral products so that the company headquarters moved from Beijing back to the 2 line of the city’s Internet companies feel on the increase, I learned that a well-known Web site in Beijing, because the boss is in Chongqing, ready to put the headquarters moved back to Chongqing, now the editorial department has been ahead of moving back to Chongqing operations.

specific enterprise how where business, actually with a lot of ordinary workers and the relationship between IT drift little. For them, whether or not they are in Beijing, or whether they will return to their 2 – line cities, is influenced by a number of other factors. I had as a Beijing people, with some real cases in the side also drift friends and colleagues say, as the most common IT workers how to treat this difficult choice whether beijing.

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