shlf1314 Adsense click rate of about 5% website case analysisAnalysis of Ali, Tencent, 360 nternet



first, let’s talk about the trade wars between 360 and Tencent

of course, the development of Tencent in the past two years, such as the expansion of the portal network and the game, has been developing rapidly. But it also killed many small and medium-sized companies, and even did not have the advantage of enterprises. It is possible to cause a company to fail. We should not reflect on how small and medium-sized enterprises should deal with them.


, shlf1314 doesn’t mind.

, let’s take a look at the website screenshot:

and 360 and sh419, please.

with Maozai experience, we hope to utilize the link with advertising, advertising on the link, click rate has greatly improved, the garbage Maozai station, click on the ads to mostly through the connection. shlf1314 Adsense advertising location, how to put it, then Mao Mao I think it is necessary to integrate with the article, so that others can not tell whether it is advertising or the article itself links. a little bit of a cheating suspect, someone who wants to hit high hits. Try

talk about sh419

, especially at the top of this link ad, has a very high click rate.

360 says that a market Tencent is doing is killing the Internet entrepreneur’s dream because he is constantly making projects. These projects, after all, are eroding the Internet market, resulting in an unfair competition era, and many entrepreneurs who dream of the development process may even some improvement. Lead to market loss. Why is the law of the jungle era?? large enterprises use their own advantage of bundled forms of market expansion, stifle the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have a lesson.

interested friends can try


Maozai today to give you a shlf1314 Adsense tutorial, this is a shlf1314 Adsense on the rate of about 5% of the website screenshot, this is Maozai a music class garbage station screenshot, this website shlf1314 Adsense click rate has been relatively high, the lowest was above 3%, the highest point to reached 8%.

Internet industry is always extraordinary, in the face of this year’s Tencent, 360, Ali and sh419 to participate in the Internet competition, we will undoubtedly find. The pattern of competition continues to grow. After all, the Internet is a big fish eating fish era. Big fish, big fish, competitive times.

and I like it. The upper and lower levels of the link ads widen. I think the distance is better than the link ads and the content is tight. Too tight, I am afraid I want to pursue other people’s false click rate, but the average person can see the ad, but when the point is more careful.

do shlf1314 Adsense well, there is a click to make money, especially for garbage stations, with a relatively good click rate, in a certain traffic basis, you can earn more money. This method is well suited for music or entertainment sites.

, let’s take a closer look at the location. It’s still reasonable for the current advertising position a bit more.

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sh419 once tested the water in the mobile Internet, there is no good advantage in the mobile internet. And small and medium-sized enterprises do mobile Internet is better, you can control the situation is mobile guards and mobile phone software mall, etc., do better is 360 mobile assistant, down is 91. In the Internet, I would like to say that if sh419 developed, mobile internet. Good mobile assistant, >

we see a market development. 360, sh419 as the Internet search engine leader, in order to better create a good ecological circle. So Zhou Hongyi put forward the idea of search engine. Combination 360 security guards. Make a big advantage quickly. The pattern of the Internet will be opened. And the latest search engine market share in the Internet has been transformed. 360, search market share has improved, while sh419 has declined. Under the same period, sh419 launched a rapid sh419 antivirus. And we see that the Internet really gives users a good experience is that antivirus is 360, it is accepted. From rising to Jinshan to Jiangmin is the embodiment of the most incisive. Itself as a computer installation of two antivirus software is not normal. But look at this market. Now sh419 launches this. No doubt it undermines the user experience, for a market share. In order to maintain a market. But why isn’t cooperation better for users?. Don’t always operate with users.


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