sh419 space began to officially block Taobao guest websiteHow to buy and use the money flow

,             for Sina blog shielding Taobao customers have a lot of people put forward a solution, do not know whether for sh419 space is also applicable, expect master to give the answer.

5, the use of methods: for example, I spent 10 yuan to buy 50 or so high-quality traffic. Let them do a 5 yuan registration of products, then this flow of 10 people, at least 1 people to register. I can use 10 yuan for 25 yuan back, I put 100 yuan per day will be able to earn 150-200 yuan. Isn’t that a $200 project per day?

many friends do not understand, now the source of traffic on the Internet, in the end how to buy their own traffic appropriate. I am here to explain to you various sources of traffic and how to use it to make money. Traffic can be divided into three broad categories according to their value.

1, source: text or picture of the page click traffic pioneer, dark horse Gang, etc.

has a lot of people who don’t like to spend time posting, hanging , and studying SEO search engine optimization, and are willing to spend money to buy traffic advertising. Some time ago, several netizens asked me why he bought 1000 IP real traffic every day, but no one clicked on shlf1314. It’s OK to spend money on traffic, but you need to know the source of this traffic if you want to analyze whether this traffic is good for your advertising product terminal.

4, for products: click type advertising, such as shlf1314, Adsense, sh419 alliance, Sogou alliance, etc..

one, search engine traffic recommended

2, gold content: the value of very high flow of intent, because users have a purpose to search for a word, and want to see the results.

5, the use of methods: spend 10 yuan to buy 300-500 IP, >

2, gold content: the value of the general, through other people on the web click your ad to obtain traffic. Often waste, one is because of statistical problems, and two is the website owner cheating invalid click think about some people do shlf1314 click advertising should understand

  not long ago, stationmaster net issued a Sina blocked Amoy where Ali mother  , following the Sina blog; ban Taobao off today, sh419 also officially banned Taobao passenger space, the difference is that sina is through some field shielding Taobao connection to prevent guest users to browse to Taobao customer connection page with method of sina blocked, sh419 space is directly released in the log, detected connected with Taobao customers have a warning window, as follows:

1, source: search engines sh419, shlf1314, YAHOO, Sogou, etc..

4, suitable for the actual products, or virtual products such as the high commission registration, guide the advertisement, such as the results of net or 265 DHC, eBay, an alliance network boot registered products, each product prices ranging from 1 yuan to 7 yuan,

3, the flow price: Click to calculate, in addition to sh419, the price of other products, each click is probably between 0.1-1 yuan.


3, the flow price: Click to calculate, about 1-8 cents ranging, the price is much cheaper than the search.

two, traffic Federation understanding

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