n the past 14 months, which star startups have died on the windNetwork money method Raiders

diagnosis of cause of death: product development failed

through the inventory of the global technology start-ups fall, intelligent hardware, networking, application areas such as electricity providers to become entrepreneurs "don’t Jie" the hardest hit. The high tech spotlight, why are they falling down,


three: flash, Photoshop, the Internet was the case of special effects and pictures, if this technology is the master, you can make like that look cute, fun things, the Internet was also purchased; professional flash production is also very popular with the majority of users are welcome to

one, intelligent hardware start-up companies: in addition to technology, but also competition funds and scale

two: Internet writers, if the writing is relatively good, and then good at writing, then find such a job, the ability to write their own is an improvement, but also can earn a lot of money. Such writers are needed in general literary websites or forums,


four: video editing, there are a lot of engraving DV, can put the video post production, this technology is not difficult, and there is also the

eight: playing online games, selling equipment, professional gamers are so living, but not recommended! After all, we all know the harm,

ten: Earn foreigners money, the premise is that you have at least some understanding of English, to foreign forums to help foreigners do tasks, there are several forums

in the field of intelligent equipment, technology research and development of products almost is the key factor for enterprise survival, in addition to Skully and Lily, has a similar experience in Xi’an and Skye smart UAV failed, Parrot UAV layoffs, and competition in the industry suffered a large company of technology and capital strong, also can let the small business the company into a "small is beautiful" embarrassment. APPLEWACTH entered the market, the more intelligent competition in wearable devices, Pebble was Fitbit acquisition, and VectorWatch also announced bankruptcy, the team and technology sold to Fitbit.

six: a web site, you can use the free online resources to understand and try it is best to buy a domain name, and useful, and then later when developed to a certain extent to buy a bigger space, make a point to the website, through their own promotion and maintenance as long as, well done, can be profitable, of course, this is not a simple thing! If the profit mode is good, have commercial value, it can still be a try

due to the recent half more access to the Internet, and also a teacher learn to engage in network related knowledge, through their own experience and observation, found that if good use of Internet, we can get a lot of things on the Internet, also earn appropriate rmb. Here are some of the online money making methods I’ve summed up.

, if there are some good ways not mentioned, welcome to supplement!

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since last year, the world has a group of star start-up companies plunged into bankruptcy. Is the entrepreneurial environment getting harder and harder? Is it a sign that the technology innovation industry will eventually burst? It may not be, but perhaps it is the entrepreneurial dream, not the technology itself.

Indiegogo has created the fastest fundraising myths of AR intelligent helmet Skully, August 2016 officially declared bankruptcy, which means that once spent $1399 to raise the public more than 3000 users to buy products not only can not get, can not get a refund. At last year’s CES show, Skully also brought the latest AR – 1demo to the show. In April 7th last year, once again open the book, but also a burst of applause.

1, Skully motorcycle AR helmet: the market is piercing the myth of the sword


, founded in Skully in 2013, was once a high-profile motorcycle AR helmet brand. The company completed the $11 million A round of financing in March 2015; failed to enter the Chinese market in April 2016; in August 2016, the company closed down and filed for bankruptcy. Almost at the same time, founder of the Weller brothers were exposed to the assistant company financing large sums of money was used for personal consumption, including: rent a private apartment at the seaside, purchase a new car, travel around the world, to buy paintings, strip club consumption, Lamborghini, etc..


five: online shop, and now free sites and forums everywhere, such as Taobao shop, buy no shop no charge, you can open a shop online, selling things, but also can help others to act as agents,

, MIT’s technology review 2017, the world’s ten largest breakthrough technology list, reveals that technology and innovation are always moving forward, and technology is constantly breaking through and subverting itself. But for start-ups that rely on new technology, they may not always overcome the difficulties they face, but move forward.

nine: buy a website that can be operated directly in bbs.admin5, and then run to make money, or buy a few good website programs, reselling, and, again, preemptive domain name, auction again!


seven: to be a gunner, to write an undergraduate thesis, a master’s degree thesis, this point, without experience is very difficult to do!

technology will not fail, but startups will fall.


one: online editor, help BBS post replies. This is a relatively easy and free to make money, if you can find a job, a month to earn a sanwubo right as a part-time Why not?. I’m doing this right now, and it feels great,

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