Collected from the nternet to the mobile phone network WAP station to make money

included sorting from the Internet to the mobile phone network WAP station to make money, an old webmaster words

I began to do WEB station in 1999, when the application for 6 domain names, have their own independent server, do a personal forum. At that time the Internet WEB ads are pop-up window, and those malicious advertising, not good.

finally get ah, by the beginning of 2000, the mobile phone network WAP station began to spread. I finally opened a WAP station, are doing some ringtones download, the previous 2 pieces of 1, I have to use their own MP3 into other formats, so that WAP will bring a wealth of income. Previously, Joyes JOYES is pretty popular in mobile phone online. Many individuals are at this time to start their own entrepreneurial journey. The advertising alliance is spotted this market have also joined the ranks. The advertising alliance is developing rapidly. Below, I will introduce, I have worked in the union.

initially MMC alliance and charm media technology developed the first WAP advertising alliance, access to a lot of advertising to the webmaster, but may be small, very slow settlement. Zhou Jie, customer service is also a lot, but communication is difficult, the amount is quite large. The appearance is very good, often to the WAP Adsense mass advertising, but the basic skill is not good.

later, the Union more and more, the century, the Empire, joined the WAP website alliance battle group, WAP webmaster to them to carve up. I have not done the century and the empire. They use free self built station system recruited a bunch of webmaster. But in terms of reputation has been poor. Credibility and settlement efficiency are not comparable to some of the old.

2006 another alliance Mobile Alliance rise This alliance started by the promotion of their own search box won most of the webmaster. In the eyes of the webmaster is very good, search revenue stability, but also to meet the needs of users of free products. 2007 to start advertising, to separate measurement for the station, station service is particularly good, basic does not deduct the amount, up to now I still do in the mobile alliance. Good settlement, customer service is also very good, it is said that 08 or 09 years, they will have a big development alliance action.

then joined the TATA alliance, do some SP advertising, but now the user is also very smart Internet, SP are their own brush. To tell the truth, I also brush their own, is the brush, moving on the fire. Do not get into the League to do SP, since the consumer card, I bought hundreds of hundreds of sheets. Remember, cool slightly, a monthly income of more than 20 thousand. Alas, now put the full amount of free advertising to do so, are only more than 3 thousand, in addition to a bunch of hot stations and the amount of the station with the 6, it is not necessary to find a regular user.

to the end of 07, another SP alliance on-line. Is the income treasure SP advertising, I did gain treasure advertising, customer service attitude is also fine, good advertising revenue than free. One day I did not brush, that is, rely on the actual income page good

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