Key factors affecting the keywords ranking

The weight of

keyword ranking is that we do a basic indicator of Shanghai dragon, any conversion, trimming, the operation of the user experience is further operation after the website keywords ranking with the flow, we do not think the ranking seems to influence key word ranking factors what is the most important we? Know that as many as 200 factors that affect the keyword ranking in Shanghai dragon, but will directly affect our website ranking keywords several key factors, we must to do this several factors, in order to make our website more outstanding.

the chain of the page where the higher the value of weight in general we obtained values will be relatively higher

2. in the chain of voting factors


The weight of a

page is derived, the proportion of weights depends on the page link above distribution, including the chain and the chain in the page above, the two is inversely proportional, inside and outside the chain chain more pages, derived the weight value is less

For example:

(1) the weight of the chain of the page where the value of

, a link to vote factors

1. chain voting factorsThe factors outside the chain have voting

on a page that we did 1 points to the chain weight of our web site will be greater than the values obtained on the same page as 5 points to the chain weight with a domain name value obtained, because there will be weight loss, we link to do more of his value will be less. And do the less value will be greater, so that a page we only suggest a link.

look at the above two, we study the chain’s vote is to study the page weight value and export weights two, page weight value and export more weight, the weight of our relative value obtained is high, and we have obtained the weight value will be lower, for example when we to find Links we should find the number of Links less at home within the chain is relatively small website, because relatively speaking he gave you the weight value will be relatively higher.

two, the quality of the content.

about how we should grasp the inner chain in the number of chain? We only need to click on it to see, through the data we see we do within the chain have clicked, if the chain is required by the user, the key chain operation is the user need most of the content on the the key position for us to explore industry keywords needs of users, and can be reflected in the chain.

know a lot of people, but not really thinking about how to use the voting factors outside of the chain, is a very simple principle for the chain is the main factors of the vote, said the more the chain pointing to your site, your weight value is relatively high. But the decision factor is the chain voting has several aspects:

(2) weight derived values of

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