Love Shanghai promotion effect is not ideal 10 strokes to help you out of the predicament of first s

I think the general bidding mainly in the following two aspects: the problem of its own web site and love Shanghai auction account problem. Below we carefully analyze.

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2, a day online clients fewer number of products traded fewer.

question: what is the love of Shanghai to promote the

3, sales network in addition to love Shanghai burn, almost did not try to use other channels to promote.

you now is facing such problems:

first to give an example of user experience:

love Shanghai auction, with more and more enterprises love Shanghai for promotion, the relevant data shows that Shanghai’s official love bidding number of enterprises has exceeded 40 million, but in so many of the bidding enterprises, some enterprises through bidding love Shanghai expand the brand to promote the product sales, make enterprise development good at the same time, some enterprises have lamented the bid effect is getting worse, the cost of bidding is more and more high, fast does not survive, what is the cause of the situation of two kinds of

user experience that the overall feeling is the website.

I had done in Shanghai for promotion, at the beginning there was a lot of confusion, the promotion expenses spent not to see what effect, then slowly learning to summarize and optimize the account, better, until stabilized.

A, the website of their own problems

? website user experienceThe

love Shanghai promotion is to let more potential customers through the keyword search to find web sites and then find the enterprise, between enterprises to purchase products. As long as the user to find the enterprise website through keywords, then love Shanghai even completed the task, as for potential customers to enter the site, do not love your website, your products, buy your products, love Shanghai is unable to control, depends on the wishes of the customer, then your marketing effect is very important the. So if you want to retain customers, make customer transactions, companies have to increase the intensity of the site more attractive, more products to attract the attention of customers, so that customers love your website and products. If these meet the customers, so the customer pay is an easy job to do.

4, eager to find ways to solve the problem of love Shanghai promotion effect, improve product sales network effect.

I think love Shanghai auction is a good help to improve their product sales network tools, enterprises can not sell the product through the network, the key is to look at your love of Shanghai bidding skills and methods to grasp how much? Love Shanghai for promotion is not without effect, but need skills. Today we come and check the analysis of what the problem is that the bid effect is getting worse, how to solve the

site in Shanghai and love promotion effect is worse, the increasingly high cost of promotion cost.


With the continuous development of 1,

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